TP-Link Outlet and Switch on Amazon Daily Specials

(Damian) #1

Two interesting deals on Amazon Today:


Was anyone able to make the light switch work with SmartThings? Been looking to see if there’s a device available for it without luck. $24.99 seems like a great price and cheaper than the GE/Wemo out there but if you have to use their App or Amazon Echo I rather not buy it…


TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch
(Paul) #2

Have a look here, looks like it’s already been tackled:

(Damian) #3

Thanks but I was asking more about the light switch (HS200) and not the outlet (HS110) as I couldn’t find any threads on that

(Diego Yong) #4

I would like to have the answer to that as well. It seems like I may have to settle with only on/off no z-wave switches, instead of my original dimmable zwave switches since I have no neutrals. At least for now.

(Chris) #5

I would think that the linked solution would work for the switches as well, all you provide the DTH is an IP address, not a switch type.

(Ray) #6

ST staff did hint that integration is coming for TP-link outlet. No concrete date of course.