Controller Power Outlet

I think the answer is NO but wondering if there are any Smart Power Outlets that I can turn off at certain times of the day (yep, I have a teenager). I’d love it to work with SmartThings but at this point, I’ll take a 1-off. Of course, I know about Smart Plugs, I have several, but I need this to be 13-year old proof. Thanks.

Yes. Just Google Z-Wave Smart Outlet or Zigbee Smart Outlet

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Sure, there are several. What country are you in?

Oh cool. Didn’t know. I live in the country of Seattle WA (feels like a another country sometimes) :slight_smile:


There are several on the official compatibility list. I think the GE zwave ones are the most popular, But there are other brands as well including Leviton, gocontrol, and enerwave.

I would not go with a Wi-Fi outlet like TP Link Kasa, because all of those are cloud integrations, Unless you need a particular feature like being able to control both sockets independently.

Note, however, that almost all of those I’ve only one smart socket in the outlet. If you are concerned that your team might just unplug it and plug it into the other always on socket, then you need something else.

Some of the Wi-Fi ones have two independently controlled outlets, so in that case I would look at the TP Link Kasa. And some of the Z wave ones will turn off both sockets together, which might work for you.

The other alternative is to add a lock box over the top of the outlet, those are popular for dorms and offices. You still use a smart outlet, you just use the lock box to keep the device from being unplugged and plugged in elsewhere. So if you wanted a zwave outlet, then adding one of these might be an option

Thanks. I definitely need to turn off the outlet completely - don’t think a lock box would work. I’ll do some more research on this. But thanks for the tip of having only 1 of them Smart. Hummm…