UK Power Outlet not working

Has anyone else had issues? I intend to get it replaced when I am back at home on Monday I plug it in and the blue lights on the side are on however it’s not providing power to external device. I manage to briefly get around this by pushing it in with pressure but when I do this is starts crackling and sparking a little bit internally ( I can hear it). I was plugging it into an extension cable but it was only connected to a lamp, laptop and monitor hardly running a washing machine off the thing?

I have almost exactly this problem, mine has a faulty connection to the pins of the appliance plug you’re putting into it. I had to push the plug to the side to get it to power the appliance (and sometimes got crackles like you).

Contact and they’ll get it sorted for you. I’ve received my replacement now. @Aaron is awesome and got it all sorted for me :smile:

Or, you can try the web chat, there’s a link on here:

They were very very helpful! They’ll probably ask you to takes some pictures of it not working (they’ll be able to tell because the blue light is on but the appliance won’t be).

Hope that helps.

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Do what @Kriskit says… The customer is (almost) always right! Email and the team will get you sorted out.

Week. Mine died over the weekend. Was working for a few days but now there is nothing. Tried repairing but that doesn’t work either. I feel like I am the support persons nightmare

Just discovered the same issue on my outlet, waiting for response from the support team.

The outlet functions perfectly with the app, appears to switch off/on but wasn’t providing power to an appliance when on. Realised I could apply pressure and the appliance would come on-releasing pressure would cause what felt and sounded like mini power surges.

Fingers crossed I can get it replaced…

Someone on the AutomatedHome forums reported the same thing (it may have even been one of you guys!)

See what @Kriskit said (“Aaron is awesome” :heart_eyes:)

Contact and they’ll get you sorted ASAP!

Thanks Aaron, my ticket has been passed to the UK team so I’m hoping for someone equally as awesome to pick it up :wink::+1:t3:

so almost a month has passed since they passed it to the UK support team. I have just chased again, sent proof of purchase but nothing - it appears there are no ‘Aarons’ in the UK :frowning:

@Aaron is/was UK support :frowning:

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1:1 me your ticket number and ill try to track it down

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I have a faulty outlet too. it didnt work out of the box but I forgot to do anything about it as I really didnt need it but now I want to use it. Looks like there is o longer a web chat facility available on that web page.

Give the support team an email ( Mines just stopped working (faulty) and they were very helpful and quick for me.

@Aaron - Echo my thanks if you can. Especially to Helen.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will relay the message - but the best thing you can do is leave a positive satisfaction rating and gushing feedback on the ticket!

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Good shout, customer services were really helpful

hey all. new here
i bought a sh outlet from ebay, but apparently it does not work. it starts when ordered through app but no current passes to the device connected. any ideas? thanks.

Try plugging something different in. The contact the outlet makes with the pins of the plug is sub-optimal - it depends on the length of the shielded bit of the pins.

Or try easing the plug out a couple of mm. I know that’s not safe/secure/stable, but it will show whether you’re yet another person who’s stumbled across this problem.