Uk needs zwave sockets

Not enough details to even think about buying but the Uk could really do with something like this

Hi, I have developed a prototype for a UK twin socket outlet using Zigbee ebut have paused developing it further as I didn’t think the demand was there.

Is this a product you think has demand?


anything zwave that currently does not exist in the Uk is very welcome as the Uk is lacking in many z wave products

Do i think a Uk G Type Z wave plug socket, double or single is needed… yes, personaly i would use them

I am sure others would like to add there thumbs up as well

We dont want to be shafted on price, my personel preference is
sell cheap and many not sell expensive and sit on un sold stock for years

We also need Light switches that look like standard Uk light switches, probably need retractive button and yes JD i do know you can make your own from Schnieder kit :slight_smile: but it would be great to finaly have a simple swap, 1 gang, 2 gang and so on, even in different finishes

Basic no frills room Thermostats, in this shape and size with NO timers, would need an LED display as adding a motor to spin the dial would be too expensive

Z Wave thermometer, currently there is really only a limited number

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I agree. I would rather have smartthings compatible single / double sockets and switches instead of fibaro modules into existing switches and having power outlets plugged into normal sockets

How important is it to have light switches which have the look and feel of the standard UK light switches? Some existing switches have the larger EU style of rockers (like Schneider) or a push buttons (like LIghtwave RF) or capacitive touch buttons. What are your thoughts?


Very important, Uk users are used to there standard look of a light socket, EU looking and to some extent retractive will fail to be acceptable but there are caveats to making retractive acceptable

I understand a switch needs to be retractive to return the switch state from a remote operation so there is nothing anyone can do about that. The trouble is some retractive button springs are made too tight making the button use difficult and non user friendly

Acceptability of any touch device has to come from users who cannot see or feel the difference between zwave or standard. If the retractive switch is made in a way that is soft and easy to depress that makes that device much more acceptable

Touch and large rocker switches although perfectly functional will simply fail to be acceptable. I think alot has to do with safety, people feel safe using a product that has always looked and worked in a certain way, Uk electrical switches sockets are very well designed both aesthetically and for safety, Uk residents accept that. If something is produced that looks different distrust becomes a definate factor in the items acceptability

99% of people who want zwave switches/sockets want a simple direct swap, they want the same colour, feel, size but with added zwave functionality


@Rhoob, I think the demand is there, I think many aren’t aware of that capability and therefore decide to buy smartplugs instead.

I myself just recently changed out 10 double sockets with double sockets with USB as most of my devices had USB plugs and cables in them anyway (decided to free up sockets). It may be worth considering that as part of your design.

I’m based in Ireland and like yourselves our electrical regulations are strict and buying things like the initial post whilst promising may in fact cost you your house as they may not be up to our standards. If the device is of proper approved standard and reasonably cost (I agree with the sell many approach, think new builds, the future) advertise on these forums, I think you will get a good audience.

In relation to switchs, the European panel switch I don’t think will cut it. The standard simple white on/off will be of greater appeal, however I do think the capactive switches are nice (but not necessary the fancy coloured ones, most peoples walls are of a simple flair), also if going that approach, turning the light off on them is a must…can you image watching tv with a red or blue light on the wall…it would drive me barny :slight_smile:

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Local to me thousands of houses are being built, imagine getting a major Uk builder to specify one Zwave socket per room and all wall switch sockets. This could proove very profitable for anyone considering manufacture of Uk zwave electrical outlets. The electricians installing any of this should see no difference in design and installation which would negate the need for specialist installation.

If Zwave fails to be adopted the installed items function and look like standard outlets so no one looses.

Everyone wants there products to be purchased, even house builders, adding Home automation is now very easy the big question is… who is going to jump in first

All we need is the actual outlets