Fed up with motion detectors failing

Hi all.

Really love my smart things setup. Generally works great most of the time. However I am getting seriously fed up with the official Samsung motion detection things failing all the time. I had 2 replaced under warranty. Then a couple of weeks ago another one failed that was out of warranty and just now a 4th one just packed in. These things should last more than a year! I would not mind so much if they were fiver a time but these things cost £30. It is not good enough guys.

Can anyone recommend motion detectors that will have a shelf life of more than a year? I think I might just bite the bullet and replace all my Samsung ones as no doubt they will all fail soon.


One option would be to look at the Xiaomi Motion Detector.

They are about a tenner and I can’t fault them. Footprint is a lot smaller than the ST ones as well.

See this post and the associated thread for more information:

I use these guys:

Be prepared to wait a couple of weeks for delivery.

I’ve been using the generic motion sensors from Monoprice. One year with wink hub and about 6 months with smart things.

They have been working great since installation. I did not even change the batteries.

Z-Wave Plus® PIR Motion Detector with Temperature Sensor, NO LOGO

Also, I buy them when they go down to $20-$22 which happens almost every 2 to 3 weeks.

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I’m a big fan of Iris and the ceiling mounted Enerwave (if it suits your needs, it doesn’t for everyone).

Iris is a very small form factor and mounts in a corner nicely.

The Enerwave is great for a large room that has access from multiple directions as it has a 360 degree field of view (you can limit it with the stickers they send you).