UK Metal Lightswitches?

Any decent switches in the UK that are polished chrome? All I can find are plastic switches or Lightwave RF.

I quite like the Lightwave switches, but its lightwave so not really integratable

I’m assuming you’re wanting Smartthings compatible light switches? Lightwave RF are not directly compatible but can be made to work with ST with a man-in-the-middle solution.

Would you consider the behind-the-switch modules such as Fibaro Relays/Dimmers or the Qubino equivalents? If so, you can then use any switch of your choice, but retractive ones would work best so that the switch does not get “out of sync” with the load it controls.

The issue is that the majority of my lights are currently dimmer switches which aren’t compatible, and the back boxes are not deep enough for the relays.

I don’t mind having the 2 button switch dimmer setup, but they need to be polished chrome or something that will fit with the existing style.

I don’t like these touch buttons either.

EDIT: The issue from what I’ve heard with the MITM approach with Lightwave is that it can be quite slow in performing actions

Do you have a neutral at the switch boxes? That makes a big difference in The available options.

Also, remember that you don’t have to put the micro in the switchbox itself, it can go someplace else on the same circuit branch. People typically put them in the ceiling Rose if there isn’t enough room in the Switchbox. @anon36505037 has done a lot of creative things with device placement for the micros.

New House Build Update - UK

Also, just because it needs to be said: metal face plates are always an issue with any kind of smart home device since it’s difficult for the radio transmission to get through the metal. Would chrome colored plastic work for you? Again that would just open up more device possibilities.

Hmm that still leaves the issue that there aren’t many momentum switches on the market in Chrome generally.

Trying to get my head around how this would work as the only place I could potentially put the relay is before the first light on the dimmers, can’t do much for the pendant though as there’s nowhere to get to it

Yep, thats exactly the issue I’ve got.

I’m actually building an office in my garden, might need to pick your brains on how you’ve wired everything up as I’ve spoken to several electricians and all of them are clueless!

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Everything is Chrome here, door handles, switches, sockets etc. Only did a total refurb a few years ago so changing them all is a no no.

For my office I’m not as fussed as it’s my man cave and I want it as much ‘cool’ stuff as possible

Ahh nice one, i hadn’t even considered using a grid system

Scolmore make a number of different switch ranges and some of these are chrome. It looks like their Deco-Plus range are the best match for you. These take a variety of switch modules in to 1, 2, 3 and 4 gang switch plates. See -

The modules do include latching and momentary switches.

I am planning to use their Polar range which are more traditional plain plastic white.

Since it is not feasible to shove more than one Fibaro module behind a switch plate I plan to locate the modules near the ceiling rose and hence any possibility of the metal switch plate blocking signals will not apply.