New House Build Update - UK

Hey everyone,

Thought I’d drop in and post an update on the new house build I’m working on for my mother.

We’re using Fibaro micros on every lighting circuit and for the roller blinds, but rather than trying to squeeze them all in behind switch plates, I’ve gone for a centrally wired system going back to 8 wiring hubs.

Here’s the smart device order list:

Another £700-£800 spent on enclosure boxes, wire, din rail terminals etc!!

Floor plans:

And wiring Hub Layouts: (edit: improved layout designs in post 42)

Was dreading the amount of wire ends I need to strip so purchased myself one of these:

I’m starting the wiring hub build on Monday and have an electrician on site pulling all the cables… wish me luck!!!


All I have to say is I’m totally jealous of your Mom. I think you win best son of the decade award in my book. Your mom must be a lot more technically savvy than mine. I can’t even get mind to use a smartphone, she still has a flip-phone. I for one am dying to hear how this all turns out. Keep us updated and GOOD LUCK!!! :four_leaf_clover: :+1:



Got a nice big delivery today, the amount of work ahead is starting to scare me!!

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Hub F coming allong nicely… just needs the wires lol!

Other hubs in a similar state.

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Hub D


Very neat :+1::+1::+1:

One question - how are you controlling the Velux? My house has 7 Integra Velux with blinds, all controlled by the older KLR 100. I’d love to be able to automate these if possible. I thought it was a closed system?

Please keep the updates coming - it will be very interesting to follow this through.

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I’m going to use two KLF 200 units. They can take 10 inputs and have five signal outputs to confirm actions are completed.

IO bridge.

Thanks, can you share a photo of the wiring when you get to that bit? I’m pretty sure that supports my Velux too but am of to check.

The Velux integration is not going to be done till the end of the year after completion of the house build.

Communication between the KLF 200 and the Velux integra Windows is wireless (IO Homecontrol) so I can plug it anywhere anytime.

Just needs a bank of smart relays to trigger events and another bank of dry contact sensors to read the responses.

I have 12 windows to control, but they are in 4 distinct groups so I might just control groups as one rather than buying two KLF 200’s… haven’t decided yet.

Check for the IO Homecontrol logo on the remote controls.

I’m pretty sure it does (got side-tracked on Friday and not at home just now to check). I have 7 windows (all GGL Integra) in 3 groups, and would probably just stick with the 3 controls. I also have 2 other (older velux) that aren’t controllable today - i see i can get conversion kits for these, but the price starts to mount…

So for your 3 window groups you will need:

1 KLF 200 @ £116
1 double relay @ say £45
1 single relay @ say £45
3 contact sensors @ say £30

The conversion for your other windows certainly wont be cheap!!

Our installers didn’t follow spec and installed solar powered versions instead of mains (all 12 of them!!).

So they have unfortunately felt the wrath of the conversion cost… £340 each I think!!!

Thanks, (and apologies for the noob questions) so I’d need the relay rather than the switch since I’m not switching the load directly? I’ve enough knowledge of this stuff to be dangerous, but i’ve automated most room lights so far without dying :wink:

Any reason i’d not go get 2 double relays and only use one on the second one - in case i ever chose to re purpose things?

Any, any contact sensor recommendations?

You’re right at £330 per conversion kit - not a lot less than a whole new Integra unit! Think i’ll skip on that for now.

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Needs to be a relay, not a switch as it requires ‘dry-contact’ (potential free).

No reason why you cant get two doubles, certainly gives some redundancy for future integrations.

These would work for the sensors… basically any contact sensor that takes a wired dry-contact input.

Haven’t had much time to work on this but got another hub completed tonight:

Hub A

Hub B

(5 to go)

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This looks awesome.

What are you using for the roller blinds, struggling to find anything that links with SmartThings?

Somfy Sonesse 40WT roller blinds, controlled with Fibaro roller shutter modules.

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Hi Robin, I too am building my own house right now and have a very similar plans for the home automation, all based around SmartThings. So I am keen to exchange thoughts.

What are you planning for presence detection and how are you working out where to put motion sensors?