Wall outlets & Light switches - Suggestions? - EU

In my house i have many basic and old fashioned switches and outlets. Since i’m adding some ‘smart’ to the house i plugged some bulky pocket sockets into several outlets. And next to some light switches i added a philips hue switch, This did not improve the look of things…

What i would love to find is a good solution for this problem. I do not want a bunch of different buttons, outlets and switches all over the place. I simply want matching switches and outlets and upgrade them from their 90’s look!

After reading a lot about this topic i’m thinking i need something built in. Can it be done with nano switches from aeotec or same idea but from Fibaro? I understand they can operate lights, but i am not sure how well they do outlets and if they can measure power usage aswell.
Or perhaps there is a better and/or cheaper way to do this?

All light bulbs i have are Hue’s. This might make it tricky because they should not be cut off from power. Is it possible to hit a switch and it does not cut the power but does send a command to smartthings only?

For the actual switches and outlets im looking at something like this below. They offer modern looking items and have all different combinations i need.




Welcome! :sunglasses: The UK Lighting FAQ should answer most of your questions. This is a clickable link.

(Also, I’ve moved your question to projects so you can get individualized answers based on your own interests and priorities.)

Thanks for the reply! It is however not what i am looking for. All those wall switches are nice but those brands do not offer wall outlets. The point is that i dont want different things on the wall. As in a great looking wall switch from brand A but than still needing a wall outlet from a different brand to put right next to it.

Ideally i would like something like this:
They come in many different combinations. I could replace everything i have with these.

or this:

The FAQ discusses the inwall micros as well. Then you can use any dumb switch you want with them. Some of the micros can also Control outlets, you just have to check the exact specifications.