UK light switches with neutral?

So I know there is a lot of threads with questions attaining to light switches to work with UK wiring. I’m in the fortunate position that part of a refurb I’m rewiring every room including the lighting circuits.

As a result after taking with my builder I can run a neutral cable to the switch location which should eliminate the tiny choice of items available to UK smart lighting.

However, I can’t find any American equivalent switches on UK sites, I would rather not import them ( both for support reasons and zwave compatability) so does anyone have any info on where and what to buy in the UK for a switch aside from the fibaro products?

Vesternet is a good place to start:

I have some of the MCO Touch Panels which are quite nice.

Or if you want modules so that you can use normal light switches:

Any reason why you say “aside from the fibaro products”?
I have loads of the Fibaro modules installed, but Vesternet also stock other brands.

I’ve also bought Fibaro modules from Amazon (depends on which source is cheaper when I need one :smiley:), and they work really well in my experience.

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Nothing majorly against fibaro stuff, just that it’s always seemed like they are the “closest” the uk can get to the us setup. If I have the opportunity to have equivalent to a US setup then I’m just wondering what the possibilities are aside from the fibaro. If they remain however the better option then il skip wiring down the neutral and instead have them setup behind the light sockets

I think you’re better having neutral even with the Fibaros. Plus it gives you options for the future if you want to change to something else (just a thought :slight_smile:). I do like the MCO Home touch panels though !

Yes, the Fibaros will fit behind the socket/switch, and allows you to change it in the future when a nice smart switch comes out that has good compatibility/reliability/price. Having Neutral at the switch (rather than or in addition to) the bulb fixture will definitely give you more flexibility.

I know this thread is old now but in case anyone else is facing the same dilemma, I have just installed a couple of iTec Home Z-Wave touch switches to test before I committed to them completely as they cost £59 each ( I don’t have neutral wires at most of the switches as it’s an old house but these work with or without a neutral wire and with all bulbs according to the website so we used the N wire where we had it in the newer part of the house and wired without in the old part of the house. I needed to connect the adapter that comes with the switched to stop LED bulbs flickering but they work great :wink: