Fibaro Dimmer 2 location options with neutral at switches

Hi all,

I am looking to retrofit Fibaro dimmers in my house, which has been wired with neutrals at the switches. I thought this was good news but it means that the feed to the switch is from the distribution board and not via the ceiling rose. Does this mean that my only option is to install the Fibaro Dimmer in the switch backbox, which in most cases is not deep enough. And if I have two (or even three) circuits on a switch then it’s definitely not going to work.

Do I have any other options for location, or do I need to look at deepning the backboxes? My house has brick/block internal walls throughout which makes it even more of a challenge.



I used neo coolcam all in one switchs, the come in 1,2 gang. other option, i used a firbo double switch in another area to control two switch which were adjacent.

I’ve read a lot of the other topics and I can see that @RobinWinbourne is an expert and suggests that the dimmer modules could go somewhere else, but in my setup I can’t see how that is the case - the only place there is a neutral, live and switch is in the backbox. Once in the ceiling, I only have (switched) live and neutral. I can’t see a way of re-wiring at the switch end to create what I need in the ceiling.

It would be a lot easier if I had no neutral but the switch was fed from the ceiling rather than the distribution board!

Thanks @mark_cockcroft. I might still be a bit tight on space, but maybe one of the integrated Z-Wave dimmers like the MCO ones woud work. I’d rather use Retrorouch retractive switches with Fibaro for the mechanical feel though.

Have you tried the Aurora aone rotary dimmer, that fits in a normal back box and you dont need the seperate dimming module then?

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