A wired dimmable light switch for Uk user

Hi guys.

I have google home and smartthings starter kit.

I have no coding experience but read around enough to create a simulated switch using gde , but tbh I still don’t understand totally how it all works and how to identify what might work with my smartthings hub that isn’t listed in the app ( there is barely anything light switch device listed in the app) ( I know this isn’t relevant to this question but thought useful context to explain my level of competence!) .

I want to introduce smart lighting onto my set up. Problem is, most of our fittings are candelabra style/ chandelier type things which have multiple e14 bulbs and are operated by standard (not smart) dimmer. As there are very limited e14 smartbulb options and those that do exist are expensive; it isn’t viable for me to just change all bulbs over to smart bulbs.

I’m therefore considering wired switches that would enable me to wirelessly dim and switch on and off my standard (non smart ) bulbs on a per- fitting basis.

How do i know what will work woth smartthings and how would i set things up if they aren’t listed in the app?

I use fibaro dimmer behind switch or light fitting.

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I suggest you start with the FAQ for UK Lighting; it should answer most of your questions. (This is a clickable link)

@dthomp13 mentioned, many UK members end up using a zwave inwall micro. There are several different brands to choose from. That topic is covered in the FAQ.

If you do happen to have a neutral (blue) wire at your switch box, you will have more devices to choose from, including some all-in-one switches. But that’s fairly uncommon in the U.K., which is why the micros are so popular. Some micros don’t require the blue wire and most can be placed at the fitting, where there will be a blue wire, rather than in the switch box. So they just offer more options.