UK light solutions


What are people in UK using for ST integration with lights. I’m struggling with an easy option to integrate EasyBulb, bought before I got ST.

At the moment all ST (only have starter kit), is doing is sending a notification to my iPhone during the night if detects motion or multi sensor opened.

Looking at UK supported lighting its only Hue and linked LifX bulbs. It’s either take a big hit on selling EasyBulb and get the much more expensive Hue or…?

The better solution for me would be to replace wall switches and keep the standard lamps what are in now (not be bothered on dimming and colours on these, eg hall). However can’t really see anything, the Fibaro relays need neutral in wall switch, mine (like most in UK? don’t). I used to have LightWaveRF wall switch, worked great, something like this would be best for ST. Can’t believe nothing isn’t available, more lamp sales…?

I’d like to integrate lights to ST for security, through night if detect motion put on lights, and for things like coming in to house switch on certain lights etc.

So anyone help, or suggestions on what others have done?


(Bob) #2

Hi. In my set up I have 2 wemo Switches 2 smartthings motion detectors and 3 wemo bulbs.
The motion detectors are situated one upstairs and one downstairs. I use them to turn on the bulbs during sunset to sunrise.
The switches are used to turn on other devices one being a standard lamp which again turns on/off during set times.
I use Smart Lighting for rules and also use vacation lighting director for my Hall Lights to give the impression of occupancy while I’m away.
I have also set back up rules to run to ensure things turn on and off as some times rules do not always trigger.
I’m finding this setup works quite well for my needs.
Hope this helps.


I have a WeMo switch but can’t find it in the list of ST “things” to add, are they officially supported? I have one standard WeMo and the other is an insight one. I’m in UK and didn’t think the WeMo was supported here for switches or WeMo bulbs. Only switches and lights listed are below in iOS ST app.

Could you screenshot your settings/routines etc please (remove anything that is personal of course), just for me to get an idea.

What is vacation lighting director please? Smart lighting is a built in ST smsrtapp correct?


(Bob) #4

First discover the switches in the wemo app.
To discover the switches in ST I did the following in the mobile app.
Marketplace then under the things tab, Lights and Switches -> Outlets -> Belkin -> Belkin wemo Switch -> connect now.
This discovered the switches in the St app. Sometimes I had to power off/on again. But they would discover ok.
For the lights I did the following.
Marketplace then under the things tab, Lights and Switches -> Light Bulbs -> Belkin -> wemo smart led bulb -> connect now.
I then turn light switch off for 1 sec on for 4 sec off for 1 on for 4 off for one and then on. This factory resets bulb. Bulb then flashes 3 times and should then be discovered in the app.
Vacation lighting director is under marketplace then smartapp tab. Lights and Switches and you should find the app ok.
I use Smart Lights which is found at marketplace then smartapp tab. Lights and Switches and you should find the Smart Lights at the top.
They are straightforward to use.
Give them a try.

(Bob) #5

Forgot to mention that I am using an android device.

I have another rule that runs after this with a lower dim level so the light is not as bright through the night.


I don’t have the LED bulb just the Belkin WeMo walls switch. It’s not listed in the things list to connect.

I’m on iOS on iPhone but I’d think the actual devices allowed/certified by ST should be the same.

Really want the lighting working. That smart lighting is exactly what I’d want, ie if motion during the night switch on lights, great idea.

I’m about to order 3 more Samsung ST motion sensor as these seem best for security and for more automation than the multi sensors. However I’m still stuck with getting my lighting integrated, ideally EasyBulb which I have

(Bob) #7

How about
Marketplace then under the things tab, Lights and Switches -> Switches and Dimmers -> Belkin -> Belkin Light Switch -> connect now.


Nope, you are in UK? My iOS ST app has different sections that your describing. So how come on Android Beijing is listed if in UK and not on iOS??

Mine are like this…

(Bob) #9

Very strange. Yep I am in the UK.

(David Tucker) #10

Did you set up your SmartThings account on the US server before you got your hub?

I am Android, UK, and have the same options as R2D2

@R2D2 you may need to go into the IDE in order to get your Wemo working, you will need the Wemo (Connect) SmartApp, and the Wemo light switch device type. In the IDE you will need to create and publish your own Smart App using the first code block below, and then create and publish your own device type using the second code block. There should be some other tutorials around on how to use the IDE if you haven’t done it before.

Once you have published both, you can find your new Wemo (Connect) Smart App in the Marketplace > SmartApps > My Apps section.

(Bob) #11

I’m in the UK using a US hub. I connected everything when I got the hub.

(David Tucker) #12

I think having the US hub means you are using the US servers, and will get all the US options, rather than the UK ones.

It also means if you are using z-wave you may be using an illegal frequency for Europe, and will not be able to use any European z-wave devices with your hub…strictly speaking I guess you should not use any US ones either ! Zigbee may be fine as the frequency is common in US and Europe.

This has been covered before…see below


I’m in UK. Bought the starter kit from Currys in UK, everything is UK.

How can Android in UK have WeMo/Belkin natively whereas iOS don’t? Sorry I’m confused…

I thought the only fully supported “things” would be listed already without doing anything else in respect to installing other apps etc though?

(Bob) #14

I don’t have any zwave kit.
I am thinking of getting a v2 hub and was wondering if its better to get a UK hub as opposed to a US one as if you look at the status pages you rarely see any issues on the UK server. The US server seems to have issues on a regular basis.
Also I would be able to start using zwave should I want to.

(David Tucker) #15

@R2D2 Android in UK does not support WeMo natively.

@bobbles has a US hub, and WeMo may be supported directly for US hubs, but not for UK hubs, which is why we have to do some workarounds here.


Yes just reread and realised that is why. Ok thanks, so is WeMo supported ok with the above SmartApp? does it work fine? Although not “officially” what does this mean? Is it “safe” to use?

(David Tucker) #17

That’s fair - I don’t experience as much downtime with my UK hub as seems to be reported in US. This may be due to the fact that the US servers are supporting V1 and V2 hubs … not sure.

For me the biggest issue for UK v US is the differential support for the OAuth process, meaning it can take some tinkering to get some of the cloud:cloud integrations working (Netatmo is one example). There can be some positives coming out of this, as this tinkering taught me alot about how SmartThings worked, so I have now been able to write my own device types for things that are not officially supported either in UK or US.

My second biggest issue UK v US is the lack of Github integration in the IDE, so it is much more of a pain to keep code synchronised with the latest versions @slagle might update with when this is going to be fixed.

Yes - and you are much less locked in to one brand of hub if you have a few zwave devices in your setup, plus you can buy 230V versions not 110V


Get this error on 2nd smart app when pasting own code…
No signature of method: script1454856534069756222532.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script1454856534069756222532$_run_closure1) values: [script1454856534069756222532$_run_closure1@322563ad] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

(David Tucker) #19

The second one is a device handler, not a smart app


Ah sorry, what does this mean, very new to this, and not sure what I do! I’ve published one SmartApp for rule machine thats all…

if you can help I’d appreciate it

Also this is for the WeMo plug in wall switches not the wall lights or LED bulbs