Whole house monitor

Anyone used a whole house electricity monitor with the U.K. version of SmartThings? I’m thinking in particular of the Aeon DSB28-ZWUS.

I believe that’s available with the EU z-wave frequency, but not sure whether it’ll take a lot of hassle to get it configured.

Hi @PailOckenden, I would think configuration is the easy part, installing the Aeon device into your main electrical panel could be the challenge. :wink:

As far as I’m aware it uses current clamps, so that bit should be easy.

I use a Efergy Engage Monitor. i had this a long time before ST, and @tonesto7 made a very good cloud to cloud integration smartapp and Device type for it and it can be picked up pretty cheaply if you shop around Maplin has the Hub and Sensor for £60.

the advantage of this above a Zwave ST one is that the Efergy has some good historical reporting for electricity usage.