Energy Meter Compatible with New ST

I live in Europe (230V/50Hz) and I and to install an Energy meter compatible with ST
I use to have Smappee energy meter but after recently changes and after the sunset of Classic ST app (I installed my energy meter via marketplace) I’dont know if it will continue to function after 8 September. (And even it does I don’t know if I will be able to installed it again in the future if something happens without Classic ST App)
I already contact both ST support and Smappee support for a solution.
Unfortunately I’m not a programmer to create custom DHT or ST Schema integration on my own.

Is there any alternative energy meter?
I have read about aeotec and curb meters that will work and is compatible with European electricity grid.
I love my Smappee, also I have MQTT automations and I don’t find such protocol on other energy meters.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know if this is working for you:
I know other Shelly products can integrate with SmartThings, but don’t know if that one does. You might need to send them a message.

At least it supports MQTT among other things.

Seems promising.
I will contact the support team thanks.

Hi Panos,

Did you have any luck with Shelly that you could share with the community?


Hello @arsharpe
I hope you’re doing well.
I managed to write a SmartApp in order to support smappee Energy Meter for new ST app.
It works, so unfortunately I haven’t bought shelly energy meter.

Thanks that useful to know.