UK Compatible Alarms

OK, so this question is rearing its head again so I figured I’d try and put a post together with the help of everyone else to show the state of play in the UK.
I know there are some USA DTH’s that use Vista? or something to integrate, but I’m not sure what works in the UK.

It’s worth mentioning that some home insurers will only give you a discount for a professionally installed, accredited alarm. However, if you mention you have an alarm, regardless of its type, and then have a break in and you didn’t set your alarm, you may find your insurance is void!
Thanks @PailOckenden

Traditional Smart Alarm Systems

These alarm systems are of the more traditional variety. You know the kind - PIRs in the corner of rooms, window and door sensors, break glass sensors, control panels and most importantly and exterior bell box. They also have built in remote control or Home Automation connection

Texecom Premier Elite
One of the most popular alarms on the market, and used across business and houses alike. This is a traditional home alarm, so you have a pin pad, window, door sensors etc and an exterior bell, as well as a control panel which is the brains of the house.

It does currently have a WiFi module that allows for remote control, however it does not currently integrate with Z-Wave devices. Texecom are working on Version 4 of their software which will include Texecom Connect which will work similar to SmartThings, but also have an API for 3rd party connection.

Risco Lightsys 2
Risco Lightsys 2 is again a traditional style alarm. They don’t currently have a roadmap for Smart Home integration, however they do offer their own remote control system

Smart Only Alarm Systems

I call these Smart Only Alarms as they’re not really the traditional kind everyone is used to. These don’t normally have exterior bell boxes or control panels, but more a hub. You might find that your home insurance does not class these as alarms for insurance purposes


A relatively new company but only includes cameras, motion sensors, break in sensors and an interior alarm. An exterior siren is coming later this year. No idea if this has an API for 3rd party connection

Yale Smart Home

Lots of options available here. Doesn’t seem to connect to any 3rd parties and relies entirely on Yale keeping their services alive.

Swann One

I haven’t really got much information on this other than that I’ve heard of it. From what I can tell, its an enclosed system with no 3rd party access. It also relies on Swanns servers being maintained and offers PAYG plans


SmartThings has a built in system, and there are some SmartApps out there that can also act as an alarm. I currently use this as a temporary solution until I find a traditional smart alarm. Unfortunately, I can’t rely on SmartThings as an alarm - it’s far too temperamental.


Hi @ghesp,

Great timing as i was looking at IOT / smart alarms just last week…

The Yale smart range do have an external bell box available & a key pad that is wall mountable (although looks basic) - you have this in the ‘insurance might not class them as an alarm’ category but i cannot see anything that would suggest this? Have i missed something?

I am considering the SR-320 pack to start with ( ) which also suggests its just app based connecting locally - so no fees or reliance on Yale keeping the service alive…

Be very greatful of any additional insight as you indeed called out product ranges i did not know were available (MyFox & Risco).

Thanks in advance

Give your insurance a call.

I was told that as it isn’t an accredited alarm, it won’t affect my premium. They put it down as an alarm, but if you have something like a Texecom fitted, then that could be an accredited alarm which reduces your premium

BEWARE of declaring (accredited) alarms. The effect on the premium tends to be very small, but once you go down that route the insurance will become invalid if you accidentally forget to set the alarm when you go out, or if for some reason the alarm has a fault and you have to go out without setting it.

My alarm installer told me that for most people it simply isn’t worth the risk, given the very small effect on your premium.

(Sorry, nothing to do with ST, but worth making the point, I reckon!)


Actually this is a very good point and one to think about!

Get a DSC power series (not the neo series) alarm and an Envisalink module and it works with Smartthings, the below website will just supply or also install if you want:

Then when thats done you just need to follow the instructions on the forums to get it linked to your Smartthings hub.

With my (hard wired, accredited and monitored) alarm I asked the installer to provide a volt-free contact to show whether the alarm is set. I have this connected to the binary input on a Fibaro Door/Window sensor.

I then use this to do things like set modes on my Alro cameras, and lower the temperature of my heating when the alarm is set (and thus there’s nobody home). It all works very well.

I’m much happier doing it this way. I don’t imagine I’d get things like a certified Police response from a homebrew or cloud based alarm system.

The DSC alarm can be monitored with a Police response, all SSAIB registered if that’s what you want.

@Deleted_Username did you get your DSC alarm installed by a professional in the UK ?

It seems that no one is installing that brand, people have to buy the board online and installing themselves. :unamused:

@Metropolis Yes I had it installed and supplied by:

Give them a call and ask for Dennis and he will sort you out for a much better price than is listed on the website, he is very knowledgeable.

Thanks @Deleted_Username I ordered an alarm following your advice.