Need UK Burglar alarm integration options

Is the Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit (SR320) the only proper Burglar alarm that has been integrated ( mostly) with Smartthings. I need a proper burglar alarm for a number of reasons.
‌- The rest of my family are tech-idiots. Smartthings and app based systems are beyond their comprehension and I may end up doing too much tech support around it and may lead to too much domestic conflict, which I’m not too keen on( I got a ‘meh’ when I told them I got a Nest and Ring for our newly renovated house)
‌ - the Yale is idiot proof enough for everyone in the house to arm and disarm. I can worry about the ‘smart’ part of it.

  • Yale becomes my primary alarm from an insurance point of view and any automation I can get from the Smartthings ecosystem is a bonus (blink, arlo, flood monitoring, nest, ring etc)

Would be good to hear other recommendations for burglar alarm integrations with Smartthings.
‌ Thanks.

Yale SR 320 is not integrated with SmartThings in any way, so I’m not sure where you got that impression. The “smart hub” mentioned in the Yale 320 product description is their own smart hub, not the smartthings hub. Yale zwave and zigbee locks Can be integrated with SmartThings, but that’s just the locks.

Are you in the UK or the US? The device selection does vary somewhat.

I’m in the UK. Yes, I did mean the integration of the Yale sensors to Smartthings. I need the iFfft integration for my smart hub, hence I need smartthings as well. However, Is my reasoning for going for a Yale as my primary burglar alarm still valid, or is there any other idiot proof smart burglar alarms I need to look at?

Unfortunately, it Can’t be done. The Yale SR 320 system is a proprietary system and doesn’t work with SmartThings. It’s fairly common for security systems to be limited to a specific set of a few devices in order to help ensure reliability.

You might post in the following thread as there are a number of UK members who have been looking at various security solutions and they might be able to help.

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Thanks for that link. Will keep looking

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Suggest looking at the following tags - and to give yourself a quick overview of what is already on the market. There are quite a few good options (aside from / in addition to the Visonic integration I have done for my own house)