UK availibity Smarthings Hub2

Any ideas of uk availbilty and will Amazon or a distributor supplying product or both

Hi Trevor,

It’s coming very sooooon! We are super excited to launch in the UK. Stay tuned to for updates.

(also, you can find some morsels if you start looking at some of the press coverage from IFA)

More discussion in the European topic:


Great news -SmartThings will be available in the U.K. at select Currys PC World stores and online at and beginning September 10.

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So its here…

They finally have it for sale today… but word of warning…

Living up to Currys normal “high” level of customer service (UK readers will note the irony!) they are selling the hub, the things and bundles…

So firstly its their own bundles…and secondly… the bundled items are all still at full price as far as I can see.

On their SmartThings page there is no sign of the starter bundle…

But. They are selling it.

Through accident or design they have decided to go with an item name that doesn’t include the word SmartThings and uses a picture of the Version 1 starter kit.

But it is available here -

Hope that’s helpful to someone.

The first picture is gen one, but it looks like the third picture in is gen two for the UK. :sunglasses:

Yea… Ignore the picture. We’re working on getting it fixed. :frowning:

It is a new version Hub. We are selling a new version of the starter kit in the UK (in stores and online) that includes a Hub, multi, presence, motion, and outlet for 199gbp.

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This is all a bit confusing, currys KNOWHOW team think they are selling hub version 1 ??? I’ve copied in the email they sent me below:

Thank you for your email dated the 25th September 2015. I have been unable to contact you on the telephone number provided.

Further to your inquiry regarding the Samsung Smart Things Hub, I have read the details on our website, and spoken to our Sales Team. This item is the Version 1, but for further information please contact Samsung on 0330 7267 864, they will be able to assist you further.

Thank you for taking the time to contact KNOWHOW™.

Kind regards,

Jackie Day

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Your query:
hello, you have recently started selling the samsung smartthings hub. Samsung have recently released version 2 of the hub. Which one are you selling? Version 1 or 2?

They are selling the second version SmartThings Hub (but this is the first version they’ve ever seen bc we didn’t sell the original Hub in UK). I’ll flag this for the right people to discuss with KH.

Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

“Living up to Currys normal “high” level of customer service (UK readers will note the irony!)”

Good luck Aaron…