4 gang Zwave switch (UK)?

Looking for some advise. I have Smartthings working well with a number of things but when it comes to lighting I really only have plugs controlling lamps so looking to retro fit something within the switches.

The way I have my room set up is that I have 2, 4 gang light switches, one as you enter the room and the second by the back door. So I want to fit something that can work alongside both of those switches working.

Switch 1:

  • Spots above kitchen
  • Spots above dinning table
  • under cupboard lights
  • Pendant

Switch 2:

  • Spots above kitchen
  • Spots above dinning table
  • under cupboard lights
  • Outside light

I’ve looked at the Aeotec and the Fibaro systems, but unsure which ones will actually work. I am thinking that the pendant lamp I could solve with just a zwave bulb and the same with the outside light, which could help with the space needed behind the switch.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat. :sunglasses:

I’m in the UK

@anon36505037 is in the UK and has done two full houses with Fibaro kit, he may have more to add. The Aeotec Devices are also popular, particularly the new Nano line.

The challenge with both is going to be the 4 gang format. Both companies make dual devices, but not three or four. So you would either need to have room for two dual devices in the switchbox or you would need to put an individual micro downstream at each individual fitting control.

Well I was thinking maybe for the pendant, I could put in the ceiling (Or just a zwave bulb) and the outside light I could just leave for now (We hardly ever use it).

I wasn’t sure exactly how the dual ones worked, but if they can control as well as the 2 switches, then I could have one in each light socket.

The issue with the bulbs is most people still want some kind of wall switch for them. You could add a battery operated wall switch, of course, if you’re OK with that. Both Popp and Aeotec Make good zwave battery operated wall switches which will work with SmartThings.

Although if I take the outside light out the equation, I can just get 2 dual devices, one in each 4 gang light fitting and I could control the 4 light circuits.

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Hopefully Robin or one of the other Community members who have worked extensively with these devices on UK wiring will be able to comment more. :sunglasses:

There is another option, which you can see in his thread below, which is to move the zwave devices to a separate box altogether, give you more room and more wiring options.

Thanks Robin. So can you control 2 lights from this? Or do I get one per light? I’m more about the app and the coding then the wiring!!

You mentioned the dimmer gives more functions, what additional things can I do?

Thanks for your help. really appreciate it.

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