U-Tec Ultraloq U-Bolt with WiFi Bridge Not updating Status

I just got a U-Tec Ultarloq U-Bolt smart lock and the external Wi-Fi Bridge. Everything is set up in the U-Tec app and the device has been discovered in SmartThings as well.

It seems like the lock status (locked or unlocked) doesn’t update unless I actually open the SmartThings app on my phone. Does this seem right? I’m trying to create some automations based upon if and when the lock is locked or unlocked. But if I have to open the app to get an updated status, then it’s pretty much useless.


@mthumphrey I just got the U-Tech Ultraloq Ubolt with the wifi bridge and I am having the same issue as well. SmartThings won’t update the status of the lock unless I open the ST app and refresh the lock/device.

Were you able to find a solution to this?


Contact both ST and U-Tech support to report the issue :slight_smile:

I opened a ticket with U-Tec just earlier. I’ll see what they say :slight_smile:

Did you get an answer? I’m having the same issue.

My routine looks for the lock to unlocked and for the door to have been closed for 10 mins, and if those conditions are both met, Smartthings locks the door. This routine was not working previously, but now that I have set the lock being unlocked as a precondition, the routine works fine.

just a silly question. to work with smart things is a Zwave lock required or is it possible to connect with wifi and a community app?? thanks in advance