Enable Guest Access code management through SmartThings for U-tec Ultraloq U-bolt Pro Wifi

I have an Ultraloq Wifi Pro, and I noticed that although it is listed as “works with SmartThings,” I cannot set guest code access through this lock. I opened a Support case with Samsung; after all types of logs and things, weeks, and return window gone, Samsung said that this lock didn’t work with Guess Access. But they would support it, however U-Tec is the one that needs to enable it. I contacted U-tec, and they told me to log on to their platform and make a “feature” request. I did that, but I now need “votes”.

TL:DR: Could you please vote on my idea in U-tec?

Here is a link:
Enable Guest Access code management through Smartthings - Wishlist - U-tec Community
Here is the text that is there:
Update Ultraloq Wifi Pro capabilities to allow user code management in SmartThings. I contacted Samsung, and they explained that Utec has to enable that feature. One of the selling points of this lock to me was that it worked with Smartthings, where I have the other locks that I can set guess access to on demand.

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There is a disclaimer on their website that makes it clear that you need one of their bridge devices to make it work with ST.

1. Some smart features, including Remote Smartphone Control, Smart Notifications, Smart Home Integration including Works with Alexa / Google Assistant / SmartThings / IFTTT with require U-Bolt Pro + WiFi Bridge, U-Bolt Pro WiFi or U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave with a compatible Z-Wave-certified smart home system like SmartThings, Habitat etc. Features may vary based on Z-Wave controller. Working internet and Wi-Fi is required

I want to make sure it is understood that I have the U-bolt Pro Wifi, which has no Z-wave capability or should be affected by a “Z-wave controller”.

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The August Locks by WiFi lock codes can’t be managed by ST as well.

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Even for the models that do use the bridge for smartthings integration, I believe at the time of this writing, you only get lock/unlock control through the integration, not code creation.

That’s been true for many lock models from the very beginning of smartthings: they’re willing to certify a lock as “works with smartthings” even if there’s no code management features in the integration. :man_shrugging:t2: