Two Smarthings Stations and how to connect together

I have two smarthings stations and would like to connect them together but when i go look for the supposed multi hub tab its not there how do i fix this and connect them

I didnt give smarthings long enough to recognize that theres two hubs, and I went back in and the Multi-Hub network tab appered and i was able to set it up, so now both of them are linked and creating a longer range.

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Interesting! Where exactly are you finding the mutli-hub tab? iOS or android? Can you tap that question mark in the screen shot and see what it says?

Edit: just found this under the “How to use” section of the Station. I’ll be damned if this isn’t what we wanted when the Station came out. Shame that it does’t seem to work with the older V2/V3 Hubs.

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It’s a normal configuration for thread, but it would be a big departure for zigbee if it’s actually doing it for Zigbee. :thinking:

It’s not impossible: control4 does it with their Zigbee hubs, but they are using a proprietary profile.

(Unless, of course, they’re doing it the way the SmartThings Wi-Fi router versions do for their Zigbee, where the secondary is not actually a Zigbee coordinator anymore, it’s just a zigbee repeater.)

From what I understand, I’m still a newbie with smartthings, but multi-hub is a labs feature so its still in development and since the Smarthings Station is a matter, thread, zigbee, Bluetooth hub, the v3 hub might get the feature of multi hub. And when I setup the second hub it still did the normal register to samsung account and wifi, so its still acting as a secondary hub but both as it says in a little * as your are setting up multi hub both the primary and secondary must always be powered on to be able to connect and create the mesh zigbee/matter network. The secondary must also not have any devices setup to it either before you connect it to multi hub. And as I said Im still a newbie to smarthings, so I dont know if the v3 or v2 hub will be ota’d to have multi hub support.

I’ll be curious when you add a new hub connected decive (zigbee, zwave, matter) whether it asks you who the hub you want to join or the interface shows as one hub/nerwork.


Ah this probably ties in with the hubapi endpoint that has been taunting me for months. I thought there seemed too much there for any known behaviour.

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Small technical note:

The station doesn’t have a Z wave radio.

Carry on. :sunglasses: