Motion and Door Senors Nonfunctional, battery reporting incorrect

I recently upgraded to a dual band router and on a whim I decided to check how my sensors were doing. Come to find out, all door and motion sensors are totally dead. They all say battery is between 66-77% (I’ve had them up for at least a year) but I can’t cycle them and can’t even reset them. The reset light never even turns on, even with new batteries.

I have a light/siren I can activate and my water sensor works. I’m on the verge of just trashing the whole system and getting a dog or a multicamera w/ dvr. I’ve tried turning off my 2.4gz wifi radio and it had zero effect. I’ve read over similar threads but no solution seemed to have been found.

Samsung notably had NO response to the threads I’ve read through. Any help or insight is appreciated.

If those are SmartThings sensors then having them die while still showing over 60% battery used to be a common problem and I’ve found that the batteries only last 6-12 months.

If you’re concerned about this happening in the future you can use a SmartApp like Simple Device Viewer or Device Monitor to receive notifications when devices stop responding.

Update: I originally missed the part about them still not working after replacing the batteries.

If those are SmartThings sensors then in the battery compartment they have a warning about only working with specific brands of batteries and I have run into other brands of batteries that won’t work with them.

Have you tried removing the batteries from the hub and unplugging it for about 10 minutes or switching the zwave channel?

Thanks for the info. To complicate this further, I have Energizer batteries in the working water sensor AND a door sensor I now have working that is closest to my hub. The one further away did come on with a new batt then it stopped reporting. I’ll try the proper batteries first (admittedly I bought the wrong ones but that’s the only thing that was in stock nearby).

The batteries that wouldn’t work for me were some weird brand I’ve never heard of before and the thickness and lip at the bottom was a little bit different. If the new battery looks the same as the existing battery than that probably isn’t the problem.

I’ve also had the motion detection feature die in a couple of the SmartThings motion sensors, but they still report temperature.

I put the new batteries in and they have been working fine. Until today. It seems that ST has turned into a massive POS as of late. Despite having rules setup and geolocation on, I cannot tell you how many false alarms I have and there’s no predictability to it. I leave and enter my own home very cautiously each day and just about when I get to thinking everything is safe and sound, I get another false alarm when coming/going. I have been home for hours and have the system set to disarmed and my motion and door sensors are still setting off.

This hunk of shit will be on ebay by next week, I AM DONE SAMSUNG. You had a loyal customer for years but I’ve had it with your wonky software and prissy hardware.
Good day. =)