Two sensors and I'm out of ideas

Tonight I was looking over the mountain of empty HA gadget boxes that I’ve amassed and discovered that there are two Iris open/close sensors still in boxes.

All of my windows,doors, and garage doors have sensors, so I’m looking for something to do with them. Anyone have any creative ideas above and beyond the usual mailbox/cabinet doors/safe door/etc. ?

I’m out of ideas…everything seems to be running well around the house…I’m bored. Need new HA stuff to hit the market so I can spend more money and get frustrated. :grin:

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Try the “get started” list in the quick browse project report section of the community – created wiki. There are a bunch of threads there like “what should I do next?” And “top 10 home automation uses” that should give you some ideas.

The “impress your friends” list also has some cool stuff. :sunglasses:

I looked through that list a while ago, but missed the “Impress your friends” list.

Cheers sir!

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When ever my wife is in the bath she opens her cabinet door. I put a contact sensor on that door. When she opens it it sets an override of the base automatons for the room and and triggers an automaton profile for her specifically. Close the door and the room is reset to the proper level in accordance with the current mode.

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Quite a few people use a contact sensor on a drawer or door to remind them if they haven’t yet done something that needs to be done once a day. It could be feed the dog, take medication, whatever.

If you combine it with core, then you can do stuff like count multiple times in one day.

I have a contact sensor on the linen closet which is where we also keep the first aid supplies. I get a notification if that door is left open for more than two minutes. That way if we have visitors and somebody doesn’t remember to close the door all the way, We can shut it before the dog gets in there. :sunglasses::dog:

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Mailbox and christmas tree water alert are two that I love using them for.

Great ideas gentlemen. I appreciate it, and keep 'em coming!