What next?

So I have just about hit my original project scope for our smart home. I have:

  • All lights on smart switch
  • All windows and doors with contact sensors.
  • Smart Locks
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest protects
  • leak sensor in the basement
  • Plants email when they need watered

The garage doors kind of work (#$%& Chamberlain)
Still waiting on a good hose timer

What next? I am thinking about the keen smart vents, but I have concerns about back pressure in the duct work.

Have you added voice control?

  • Speaker Notifications
  • Motion sensors
  • Main Water Shut off Valve
  • Ceiling fans
  • Cameras
  • Color Lights?

TV integration?

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If you can afford it, automated window coverings are really cool. But very expensive.

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Everything mentioned above, and I’ll add FortrezZ water meter:


It’s pricey…

For something in the low cost range, adding a pressure mat sensor can open up a lot of possible use cases you might not have considered:

Halloween tricks

Know if the dog is in his crate

Instant on for the Disney Channel

Control lighting when someone gets on or off the couch

Be alerted when the dog is waiting to go in or out

Wanderer alert to activate at night and be alerted if any household member starts to go outdoors before they get the door open

oh! combine that with voice notifications so the dog tells you when he has to go. I’m picturing the dogs from the movie “Up!”

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Speaker Notifications - Not sure what tech to go with on this.
Motion sensors - I have a few in the key spots I need them
Main Water Shut off Valve - I have considered
Ceiling fans - Check
Cameras - Rest of the Family is kind of creeped out by that.
Color Lights? - Where I want them I have them. Yea Osram

I use the homebridge app on the RPi, not seeing the adoption rate I expected on that. Have looked that Echo/Alexa but now I am on hold on that might go google instead. Will have to wait and see

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as far as on/off and stuff like that? Or Control from the TV? Both would be cool, but I have not found anything to do either in a way that is not over complicated.

Yea the cost of the blinds have lead me to put that way way way down.

other then knowing someone is using water somewhere in the house, what use case is there?

I have sonos and love it. But that was easy because I owned them before I owned ST[quote=“LadySapphy, post:9, topic:49509”]
Main Water Shut off Valve - I have considered

The leak smart one is 50% off right now[quote=“LadySapphy, post:9, topic:49509”]
Cameras - Rest of the Family is kind of creeped out by that.
I just turn my cameras off when we are home. ST turns them on when we leave or go to bed

Amazon Echo has been the biggest surprise for me thus far in terms of how much it has endeared the entire family to adopt the home automation. All I can say in hind sight is that if I had only known I would have gotten it day one along with the ST hub.

I don’t know what Google is coming out with but I am going to be hard pressed to think it could match Echo and the tight integration using @MichaelS Alexa Helper and Ask Alexa smartapps.

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Agreed. This has been my favorite integration especially with the Echo. Costly.

I thought the same thing when I heard about Google Home…but it is unlikely it will ship with SmartThings integration, and I hear they will NOT open it up like the Amazon is open to allow folks like me to do what I have done with it.

In essence, it is a talking Chromcast from what I have read.

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Amazon Echo. Put a few in the rooms that you occupy the most. They’re awesome right out of the box. Once you integrate them with SmartThings, your home goes from smart to brilliant.


For me it’s a little about feeding my addiction :wink: and the HA geek factor.

Seriously though, I’d use this like I use my home energy monitor to track consumption and usage over time, especially during our watering season. Comparing to my water company’s bill will also be interesting.

They also provide a SmartThings specific device handler and SmartApp, which makes integration with ST easy:


I think adding motion sensors to automate lighting is a nice to have for a lot of areas, like stairwells.

After that, window treatments are a lot less expensive if you diy, from what I’ve seen (though I haven’t pulled the trigger on them myself. Still aiming.)

And just out of the box, the Echo is a big win just for turning on and off lights.

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