Two Nest Locations all show in one ST location

Newbie to ST here and maybe a basic question but I cant figure it out…

I have two locations with Nest devices attached to the same user account with separate locations. How do move a device between the two different homes in ST? All devices show under one of my ST locations (homes) yet two of them belong in the second location (home) in my ST account.

I’ve searched multiple ways in this cummunity and search engines but I’ve come up blank. Thanks in advance for any advise you may have.

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In short. You can’t. At least MOVE the devices. In ST’s model, ‘Location’ is a security boundary. You can’t move things between them. There’s probably a way to work around it - it’ll be messy and involve a second account…

@jkp do you know if the Nest integration is at account level or location level? I don’t have that one…

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I am still on here old NST Manager so I don’t know about the new integration. My guess would be account level.

So In theory, if there’s another account that ONLY has access to Location 2, logs into SmartThings and sets up a link to the Google Nest account…

The linking is on an account to account level. Nest is unique in that you do get to choose explicitly what device(s) come to SmartThings during onboarding, but that doesn’t solve this situation.

Few options:

  1. Create two Nest accounts, one for each location. Link these separately to a single, existing SmartThings Account with 2 ST Locations.
  2. Link the same Nest Account to both Locations. Keep in mind, most (I’ve tested on LIFX but never Nest) modernized Cloud to Cloud connectors will only send callbacks to one Location. A “callback” is when a change is made to the device from outside SmartThings, whether or not that event ends up making it to SmartThings (refreshing from the device plug-in would still bring in current data).
  3. Combine both SmartThings Locations into one Location. I get that this may not work for all scenarios, but from our perspective where the devices are physically does not matter.
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