Multiple Hubs, Different Locations, One Master Account, two users

I’ve got a Smartthings hub at my home. I’m purchasing another hub for my dad’s house that is not occupied (as a security system).

I’d like to know if I add this new hub to my existing account, can I add a user and make sure the user has access to one of the hubs but not both? Ideally I’d like my brother to have access to control the hub at my dad’s house, along with me, but I don’t want him having access to my house. We both need to receive the phone app alerts/notifications in the event something happens, someone breaks in, etc.

I’m sure I can create a new account and link the hub to it and invite my brother that way, but I’m guessing I’d have to keep signing in/out of each account depending on which I need to control.

Before I setup the new hub, I’d like to know what my options are. Can anyone advise me what I can do?


That level of control doesn’t exist yet.
You can create a new location in your account and put your hub in that location. The invite your brother to SmartThings but he can see all locations that you can see in your account. The only way to separate them would be to create a new account all together that only you have access to.

It’s best not to add two hubs in one location as you could run into issues. It’s better to have separate locations for each hub or separate accounts. The advantage of separate locations is that they’re all under a single account and easy to switch between locations in the ST app.

Hmm, that sucks. I’ll have to be either signed in for my Dad’s hub all the time or risk not getting the alerts and not get alerts from my hub… or keep signed into mine and not get any from my dad.