IFTTT with 2 locations

I am using the new app, have two Hub v2 in one Samsung account and different locations. IFTTT seems to either not work at all or only with first-created location.
Is the only alternative to create a new ST account? If so, is there any possible way to “move” a location from account to account? TIA!

Take a look at the linked thread. It lists what IFTTT told me in 2018. There is also a partial success post from 2019.

I don’t understand why one location can’t trigger event at another location.

If I leave work.
Then turn on HVAC at home

If I arrive at work
Location of Home is Away
HVAC is on
Then turn off HVAC

This is just a small example of how this could be helpful. Is there any technical reason why it’s not possible?

The reason it doesn’t work is because smartthings creates the authorization at the account level. It doesn’t divide things up by location for the third-party integration. So you just never know what you’re going to get. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s totally possible to do it as long as each location has its own account. Then you can do it through Ifttt.

If you’re asking why you can’t do it solely within smartthings, that would be off-topic for this particular thread. But the answer is just because so far they haven’t designed the platform that way. There’s no technical reason why they can’t in terms of the device protocols. It’s all about the SmartThings platform. But again, that’s a conversation for another thread. :sunglasses:

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