Two location creating recipe

I have two hubs, one at home, one at holiday home. I want to log to a spreadsheet through IFTTT, open and closures of the door sensor at my holiday home. Simple I thought…
However when I go to create the recipe it only gives me ONE door sensor.
It appears that the first hub I set up is the only one I can actually create recipes for. I suspect as they are both setup with same user it only sees the first one.
Any advice appreciated.

I believe that IFTTT (and Amazon Echo/Alexa, and…) are still limited to supporting only one Location at a time.

This is mostly SmartThings’s fault because every service uses a Web Services Connect SmartApp, and the scope of a SmartApp instance is one Location (you can install the same SmartApp in each Location but that would be two distinct instances). It is up to service providers to decide how to handle multiple “connections” in one account.

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