IFTTT Access to Two SmartThings Locations Things

Hi all, I recently created a second SmartThings location and tried to use IFTTT for the first time. I was able to register the SmartThings service in IFTTT and I authorized IFTTT to control devices in both of my locations. However in a new IFTTT Applet I create the IFTTT drop down list only shows devices from my first location and I cannot see/control any from the second location.

Any suggestions/experiences here?

Many thanks.

Can’t be done at the present time. :disappointed_relieved: (The same issue occurs with some other third-party services, including Amazon Alexa.)

These services only integrate with SmartThings at the account level, not the location level, and so the list of devices you will see can be randomly one location or the other. But never both.

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Thanks for the quick reply. That is sad/unfortunate/disappointing. I have chosen SmartThings as my center point for both locations and I’m also currently working through Sonos, Amazon Alexa, MyQ and Honeywell Home integration. So far SmartThings seems fine with my new location for Sonos, MyQ and Honeywell Home. However I suspect Amazon Alexa also has the same issue integrating with Sonos itself since I have Sonos in both locations.

Have you seen workarounds for this? Is it feasible to have a second SmartThings account - I don’t know how the mobile app would handle that though.

Yes, if you have two smartthings accounts AND two iftttt accounts, rather than two locations on one account, You can expose all the devices. The Question is can you set up rules with some devices for each location. Which comes down to some specific details and also gets complicated.

I’m not feeling well today so I will have to leave it to other people to go through the different options. You can get some background by looking at the how to article in the community-created wiki on automating an outbuilding, although it’s not exactly the same as the use case you’re describing, but some of the techniques will be the same.


On the other hand, are you sure you need IFTTT for this and you can’t just use the built-in smartthings features? @tgauchat might have more to add on those options.