Multiple hubs on one account

I’m looking at Smartthings for some simple monitoring such as garage doors open/closed, and temperature monitoring at 3 widely separated locations. Can I link multiple hubs to one account/Smartthings App? Conceivably, down the road, I’d like to be able to see which vehicles are in the garage at the 3 locations and the times they come and go.

I have a system at home and it’s great, but I’m looking at it for some simple monitoring at my workplace which has 3 locations.


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Hey Bruce,

You can create multiple locations (and therefore add multiple hubs) in the left hand menu. Click the dropdown arrow at the top and you’ll see the prompt to add a location or switch to another location if it already exists.

Let me know if you need any other help!

What you currently will not be able to do, is chain events and triggers together from across locations. You’ll be able to get notifications from each, but, for example, you won’t be able to turn on a light at one location when a door is opened at another.

Unless you use IFTTT. But then you will still be limited to the types of data the IFTTT SmartThings “channel” can consume/produce. IFTT can recognize things like “motion detected” and “activate the siren!”, however it does not seem to offer conditions, such as “only when in Away Mode or Asleep Mode.”

This seems to be a limitation on IFTTT:

Ben - this thread is pretty old - was wondering if this is still the case or can you use multiple hubs and chain events together yet? Also, what if you had hubs in different countries - a holiday home in the US for example and a main home in the UK?