Two Iris motion sensors, one says HUB_OFFLINE, the other says ONLINE?

They both work and report temperature and motion as they should, but in the IDE, under status, one says HUB_OFFLINE, the other says ONLINE.

Should I try to fix this, or just ignore it since everything is operating as it should?

This is part of a new device health framework we are working on. Please shoot a note to support so we see why they are reporting different statuses even though states are reporting correctly.

Edit: This also may be because they are Iris branded sensors (rather than SmartThings), but I will ask the team to confirm

Done. Thank you!

This has been flagged for the developers but my initial assessment is that the device status has been incorrectly cached as HUB_OFFLINE from several days ago when the Hub disconnected briefly. Rebooting the Hub would likely clear this state out though as Bryan noted, the device reporting a status of HUB_OFFLINE did not impact the reporting from the device.


Looks good to me now. Thanks!