Two iPhones, only one gets instant device updates

Hey everyone,

I have my iPhone and my wife’s iphone - both with the Smartthings Classic app installed. When a devices status changes, my phone shows the status change right away. He’s doesn’t at all. Tried to figure it out like repairing the Zwave network, rebooting the hub, etc. I even removed and re-added the devices to ST which made no change. What am I missing? Both of these devices need to report changes accurately or I’m going to get all sorts of issues that I have to deal with if her phone is not accurate.

If I force her wide to refresh, the devices update. Not good enough and won’t pass the wife test - especially when mine just updates as you’d expect.

Any tips or info on what I may check to fix this on her phone?

Thank you!

I’ve personally not experienced anything like that. Are you both on the same wifi network, or one on wifi and the other on cellular? (or visa versa)

I suggest double checking the obvious:

  • Both running same version of the SmartThings Classic mobile app?
  • Both allow SmartThings app to run in the background (background app refresh)?
  • Both allow ST to ALWAYS use Location Services?
  • Both on same WiFi network?
  • Both logged in to a SAMSUNG SmartThings user account (you should have converted by now)
  • Both logged in to the SAME Samsung user account (should not need to be the same, but try it and see if that makes a different)
  • Both allow SmartThings Classic to use Cellular Data?
  • Both have same settings for Cellular Data…?

Same network. Checked again this morning when we are both on cellular and it did the same thing.

When I log her phone into my account, her phone gets the near instant status updates and works as I would expect.

When I log out and back into her Samsung account, the updates don’t work again. I just made the account for her last night and it is a Samsung account.

I can just leave her on my account I guess but won’t the presents tracking be affected? Should she be on her own account or does it matter?

Presence tracking is based on the device ID, so you can create an occupancy sensor using her phone logged into your account, just don’t name it “you.”

The delayed response is weird, though - you might want to ping SmartThings support about it (send them an email).

Ah cool. Well, it sounds like there really is no good reason to have her on a separate account then. I’ll just leave her on the one I use. I’m still curious as to why the other account doesn’t work. I guess maybe because when I added her, she didn’t have an account created so it had to be created after the invite was sent. Maybe if I removed her account and re-added it now that the account exists it will work. Either way I’m good now, so thanks for the help everyone.