ST Hub won't update across all connected smart phones

Hi all,

I have been searching the forum but not had any luck finding the answer to my issue.

Basically I have an IPAD that will be mounted on the wall and used as the main ST interface but if for example I arm the alarm settings it doesn’t update across other devices that I use like my wifes phone and my phone.

Is this just how it works or can i get around this

i am new New user so please be kind lol

Thanks in advance


if I understand your problem correctly - the mode/SHM change is likely occurring but the other phones are just not updating in real time. This is a common issue on iOS. It also occurs with switch status.

Try it again on the iPad - but force close (swipe away) the ST app on your iPhone. Re-open the app and see if the mode/SHM status is now updated.

Which SmartThings app are you using?

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Aahh OK good point I will try that



I am using the latest iPhone APP on my phone, then Android on the wifes phone and my IPAd only supports the classic version of ST

So you have SmartThings (Samsung Connect) on the two phones and SmartThings Classic on the ipad? If that is the case then it will not work. The SHM in the Classic app does not communicate with the SHM in the Connect app. Best advice is to use the Classic app on all your devices at this point.