MyStatus as a location in Smartthings classic

Incase anyone else finds a 2nd location on there account labeled MyStatus, it seems IF a second device signs into your Samsung account from the Smartthings ( Classic ) app, a second location is created called MyStatus.

The same may happen if a second device signs into the Smartthings/connect app as well but i am unable to test that

Somewhere else on the forum i posted i had a MyStatus location a week or so ago and i was able to delete it easily from the Samsung IDE, at the time i didnt know why or how it appeared, on that occasion i now believe it was because i used a tablet to sign into my Smartthings ( Classic ) account with Samsung details ( conjecture and not diffinate )

This conclusion was reached as i remebered my wifes Iphone was still using my Smartthings (Classic) sign in details, so i signed her out and back in using the Samsung details and the MyStatus location appeared, again easily deleted from the Samsung IDE

The above is only provided incase anyone else is searching for the thread title and wanted a bit of info

So, you’re saying if you sign in with the same credentials on 2 devices you get the 2nd location?

Yeah that’s what happens for me Ryan

That’s really odd. I tried signing in with the same credentials on another Android and iOS device (first device is Android) and I didn’t get any new locations on mine. My second Android is a Samsung device…maybe that has something to do with it.

Mike had a Samsung account already (for his television from quite some time ago) and has been swapping things back and forth with what account he/wife logs in with between ST Classic and the NEW app. Also he hasn’t gone thru the migration process yet, so I believe his results are just a whacky one off.

Never heard of anyone else with a “MyStatus” Location being created. A 2nd “Home” Location, yes, but not a MyStatus. Mike is unique.

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I have never done anything odd with St, connect, accounts or even IDE’s

I have always followed standard sign up/in procedure

Allegedly there MIGHT have been a manual move of some Smartapps and a few DH’s from the St IDE to the Samsung IDE but again both IDE accounts already existed because of the Samsung devices i already own

Like i said it was of no bother to me find the MyStatus location and tbh i assumed others might find the same issue as it has never occured to me that my setup or status is different to everyone elses

Everything i own works great in both apps and the only things i see in connect that are not right are a doubling up of device count and some devices which are still waiting UI construction

If you or the mrs. no longer sign in with the SmartThings account ever again now that you did the manual stuff we talked about in DM then by always logging into ST Classic or the NEW app with only your Samsung account, I’m guessing you won’t see this MyStatus Location created again.

If you do, then I am going to say this has something to do with something on the backend knowing you still have the ST account and haven’t migrated yet. Nobody else has reported MyStatus as a Location yet.

Looks like i might be able to test again, my little Asus tablet has smartthings installed but appears to be signed out when opening St classic

Checking with a larger Samsung tablet that the MyStatus location is non existant… hmm its back ? And thats without any signing in procedures yet

Will now delete it again using the Samsung IDE

Ok deleted the MyStatus again without issue, signed in on the Asus using Samsung account and no MyStatus was created, also signed in with st account and again no MyStatus

Lol. There is no Samsung IDE. It’s still the SmartThings IDE, even if you are logging into it with your Samsung account.

No arguments from me but from point of view it ‘Appears’ like 2 seperate IDE’s in every sense of the word and that is how i treat it, as 2 seperate IDE’s
1 Email address 2 different passwords

Agreed, but you are still accessing (SmartThings IDE) to access either of the two accounts.

  1. Account 1 (ST) = email address / pw

  2. Account 2 (Samsung) = same email address / diff pw

The migration process is going to take everything from Account 1 and migrate everything into Account 2. This will result in you having one single holding tank in the SmartThings IDE.

Thats already understood WD. Once migration is officially complete i expect the double device count in connect to be halved
Or am i the only one to see that as well ?

Yep, you are the only one. Nobody else has duplicate devices that I know of. There’s no reason you should have two of everything.

  1. Login to the IDE at with your SmartThings account and goto Locations. How many Locations are listed there?

  2. Logout of IDE and then goto again with your Samsung account and goto Locations. How many Locations are listed there?

SERIOUSLY !!! no one ?
Might start taking bets which way my device count goes when migrated lol


See my edit above. Provide screenshots including the beginning of the url so I can see the shards for both accounts.

One and one, as i would expect

Like many others i get 2 choices when signing in. Samsung account or Smartthings account = email addy
Select account Smartthings or Samsung account
Smartthings =
Samsung account = exactly same as above

You didn’t provide the Location Names. Was hoping for screenshots. Nvm.

Open Samsung Connect and goto Devices. Click the down arrow under Home: (show screenshot)


Then scroll down your list of devices. Is the “Hub” listed 2x?

Im not at my pc WD capping and editing on a phone is a pain

Notice 67 connected devices

The Hub is listed only once as i would expect

Why are you logging into ST Classic? That one screenshot is from Classic.

In Samsung Connect, goto Devices. Is the Hub listed 2x like all your other devices?

My phone is super easy to take screenshots, edit and crop.

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