Two Hubs - Motion Sensor only works on one

I have two Smartthings hubs and I am attempting to move a SmartSense sensor (2016 model) from the original hub to my 2nd hub. The sensor pairs with the original hub fine. I can add it and remove it at will. However, when I attempt to pair it with the 2nd hub (after deleting it from original hub) the sensor will never be seen. I have reset the sensor many times (by inserting battery while holding reset button then releasing). I can see the sensor is in pairing-mode (it is blinking blue) but it will never pair. I can then try to pair it with the Original hub and it immediately is seen and pairs.

I called support and opened a case and they claim they are working on it, but I haven’t heard anything from them.

Question: It seems that the sensor is remembering that it has paired before with the original hub and that info is not deleted by the reset process. Is there a way to completely reset the sensor to factory defaults (that is different from the standard battery removal reset process)?

Reset guide here:

Thanks, as I said in my post, I have done the reset many many times … looking for much deeper solution.

I was pondering about Zigbee repeaters. When pairing to a single hub we would turn off repeaters or move the sensor right up close to the hub if we didn’t want a repeater to be used. So what would happen if there was a Zigbee repeater nearby that was already connected to the original hub? If pairing is being attempted in situ would the sensor connect to that and so be unable to pair with the second hub? Are you pairing in situ?

Apologies for polluting your thread if I am showing excessive ignorance of how things work here.

In attempting to pair to the 2nd hub I turn off the original hub. Although I can easily pair to the original hub even when the 2nd hub is on. In all cases only one hub is put into pairing mode at a time.

I’m convinced that the sensor is retaining some information even after a reset, hence the real question is how to completely restore a sensor to factory defaults (not just the simple reset).

What kind of hub is the one you’re having trouble with?

Both hubs are the same STH-ETH-200

interesting. Is the green light blinking on the hub when trying to pair?

yes, in all cases I am putting the hub into pairing mode and seeing the hub green light blinking.