Two hubs in two different locations. everyone is getting notifications

I have a hub in my house and recently put in a hub and sensors at my father in law’s house. I have it set up so our phones and his are set up as devices on his hub and only ours on our hub. Yet, when I trip an alarm (which seems to be every day when my phone hasn’t been discovered by the hub and I open the garage door), he get the notification.

Any ideas as to why he gets my notifications? I’m trying to figure out what mechanism is in place to tell the world that an alarm has been tripped.

Both are V.2 hubs.

Are you using different logins (email addresses) to the App? (Only asking because I haven’t used that feature very much, and not sure of it’s limitations).

My general recommendation is to consider avoiding SHM for now, and instead use CoRE or SmartAlarm that can send alarm notifications by SMS, and those SmartApps can be configured with a lot more options to help ensure you can workaround any quirks in SmartThings for now.

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I only use SMS from smartapp to avoid the very problem you are having. In my experience notifications go to everyone. If you use SMS instead you can specify the number it goes to.

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If you have 2 separate accounts, you can put a hub on each account and then add individual “users” to each hub. Each user on an account will receive all notifications from that account.

In the app, switch to your hub and then go to “My Account” and add the other accounts to yours that you want to receive notifications (and access the app). Your FIL shoudl NOT be in this list.

Then, on your FIL’s mobile device, open the ST app, go to “My Account” (which would be your FIL’s account) and add YOUR email address. This will allow you to manage his hub. You will always get your FIL’s notifications, and you can still manage his hub. But he will not get your notifications because he’s not on your account.

We have the same thing set up with my mother’s account - I get all her notifications but she does not get any of mine.
Only my kids and wife get mine - because they are the only users on my account.

Hope that helps!

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There is a similar thread that deals with the same issue:

All hubs associated with an account (ie. unique e-mail login) will be shared with every user that is added. Therefore you need a unique account for your father-in-law’s house, and you should share access to his account with yours.

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