Two devices on one GE Enbridge swithc do not work together?

I have a bathroom fan and bathroom light. I want both to turn on and off at the same time. I wired a GE Enbridge switch with both devices (fan and light) connected to the switch. The switch connected to smartthings with no difficulty. However, the fan works correctly, but the light goes on when the fan is switched off and the light goes off when the fan is switched on. The fan and light are both wired to the one GE Enbridge light switch. Ideas?

Are you referring to the GE Enbrighten switch?

Did you connect both the switched hot conductors to the Load terminal? There are two backwire holes to do this. Do not use the traveler terminal.

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Thanks Bry. I did not use the traveler terminal. The light is new and was placed close enough to the fan, that I thought connecting it to the GE Enbrighten switch would just treat them as one device. Hoping they would both go off and on at the same time. It’s strange that the fan works with the ST app and goes off and on either at the switch or in the ST app. The light, however, goes on when the fan goes off and goes off when the fan goes on. I’ve switched the wires and the fan stays on the whole time and the light does not go on. Other ideas?

Are the fan and light a combine unit or two separate fixtures?

Can you post pics of the switch and into the box so that we can clearly see the Romex coming into the box and the connections to the switch? It does not make sense to me that it would work in that way if both switched hot leads were connected to the Load terminal.

Remove the fan switched hot lead from the switch, leaving this light switched hot lead. Does it work correctly in that configuration?


The fan and light are two separate fixtures/devices. I just thought splicing (connecting to the same terminals) would result in the GE Enbridge switch treating them as “one” device/fixture. The Romex from the light goes into the back of the line/load terminal on the GE switch. The previous wiring to the switch on the fan now goes to the back of the GE switch (in that extra hole on the back). The light is not “hot” wired, so I can’ test it on its own. The light comes on when the fan is turned off, and the light turns off when the fan is turned on with both connected to the back of the GE switch box. For now, I am using the light as a “night light” and when the fan is turned on it goes dark?

You need to check your wiring. It sounds like you have a hot and load wire swapped or something else weird.