Switches for bathroom exhaust fan and light

The bathroom has 2 switches, 1 for light and 1 for fan but it is one unit. I try the GE z-wave 29631 and 14291 with no success. The switch hook up to the light has power but won’t turn on the light. The switch hook up to the fan seem to have no power at all. I hook up just the light (in case I mess up the wiring) and cap off the rest of the wires. It is still the same, the switch (the led in front is on) but the light just won’t turn on. Did I get the wrong switches? Any suggestion?

You need 2 switches for seperate operations. However, you could connect the loads going to the light and fan to one switch. This would make the light and Fan turn off/on together.

I could also install a double gang box.

Thanks for the reply. I used 2 switches for both operation. The old setup also used two switches. For some reason, the switch for the fan doesn’t get power and only the switch to the light. Even it has power, it still won’t turn on the light. When you say connect the loads to one switch, do I just connect all the wires to one switch?

Sounds like you connected both lines to one switch and both loads to the other.

See my reply to you in this thread:

Possible your neutral is at the fixture. Give us a little more detail about your fan/light and wiring. Take some pictures of the switch terminals and fan/light while you are at it.

Thanks for the reply. You are right about the neutral wires. I cap the 2 neutral wires together and then split them from the cap back to the switches, now both switches work great. I guess one of the neutral wires must be broken.
On a different note, one of the motion sensing switch will stop working all the sudden. It won’t response to the app or physically press the front. I have to turn on/off the breaker to get it working again. Does it mean I have a bad switch? Sometimes it work for a few hours and then it just went dead (won’t turn on and off the light). Any suggestion?

It’s my wiring. Everything works now. Thanks for all the help.