TV pop up Notification for Motion Alerts

Is it just me or does anyone else wish there was more integration between your Smart home and Visual devices?

I had an idea for having a Smart TV, no specific brand, that no matter what input you were set to you could enable an option that would do a pop up notification just like on your phone if your cameras or devices detect a motion alert. I currently have several Nest cameras arround the outside of the house and when there is a motion alert it sends me a pop up notification with a “Mini Clip” of the motion alert. I want something that will do that in the top left of my TV so if I am at home and watching TV and someone comes up my Driveway it will see an alert no matter if I am watching TV or apple TV or a DVD. Kind of Like a PIP, picture in picture, but it only pops up if there is an alert.

It could also be used for other inputs besids cameras like a light being turned on somewhere in the house or if moisture is detected the posibilities are endless.

Has anyone else wanted this? I know that the New Apple TV has a Nest app and you can just leave it open to that but you have to be on that input to recieve the notifications. If you were watching Direct TV you wouldnt get the notifications.

Just a thought and I am currious if someone has any ideas on how to make this work besides buying another TV and running the nest app on a wall somewhere.


I use to use Comcast, they have an IFTTT integration. You can get pop ups on your TV- I LOVED this. I no longer have Comcast and I do actually miss it … I had quite a few set up, when the LAUNDRY was done, when the garage door opened among others.
That is the ONLY one I am aware of but very interested if there is a something I do not know of.


It’s a little bit complicated because in some regions, particular Europe, it’s illegal to do a pop up over a live broadcast, because of anti-censorship laws. (And that includes picture in picture features) .

As @femwitjava mentioned, Comcast/XFINITY is the only one I know who makes this easy:

After that, the options vary depending on which phone you have and if you are using a streaming device to control the TV.

If you have an android device, chromecast, and Tasker, there’s an additional plug-in called autocast which will use the chromecast to send stuff to the TV screen:

If you have an android device and use KODI to control the TV display there are some additional third-party plug-ins for that.

There’s also one that works with the Amazon fire TV.

Apple TV works differently, so you’d need to research those options separately.

So the short answer is if you’re in Europe, you probably can’t do this easily. If you’re in the US if you happen to have an Xfinity X1 set top box, it’s simple. Otherwise you have to look at the combination of phone and media streamer to see what your options are. :sunglasses:

I live in the US but didnt know that about Europe so thanks for the info.

So what you are saying is that I would have to set up something on each input to cause the pop up notification. Is there a way to plug in a USB device or set up the Smart TV to allow a pop up?

Of course I have none of the setups mentioned above I have, Apple TV gen 3, Charter TV DVR (Really cheap TV), XBox One and a standard DVD player. I do have a Smart TV (Sharp) but I can always upgrade to a new one if it allows this sort of integration, :slight_smile: was hoping the New Samsung TV would allow something like this but I am not sure if it can do this.

Any other ideas or helps?

There may be some individual high-end televisions that can enable this, you just have to check model by model. My own TV is 10 years old and I really haven’t kept up with the various models specs for the newer ones. Hopefully if this is doable just from the TV side someone who has one will chime in.

Adding a chromecast to any current high end TV is easy and relatively cheap. ($35 regular price) But you also need an android device to cast the notifications, I think-- The Chromecast itself can work with an iOS device, but I don’t know of an IOS app to send it notifications. But I might be wrong on that, again, hopefully someone who actually has the devices can add detail.

Hey there,

Sure you can cast something on the tv if u have a chromecast and all that

But the question is… how can we add an OVERLAY over what im watching.

Lets say:
im watching youtube on tv, someone rings at my door, i want to get a popup on tv showing a notification or even better yet a live feed?

is it me or my mind is going places where it should not be ??


Yes! but watching anything not just on one input you could be watching Cable or watching a movie from your DVD player or playing Xbox.

But that is the idea.

HomeSeer looks like it is the samething a smartthings but they have software that interfaces with the TV. Is there a specific product they sell that does this?

EDIT: They are using the Comcast IFTTT to do what you see in the picture.

Yes, I understood you meant overlays. The links in my previous posts showed some of those options.

For example, here is an autocast overlay phone call notification:

The casting device is being used to get the notification graphic to the TV.

You do not need Chromecast to accomplish the ‘notifications’ aspect of this. There is an app, it’s called Notifictions for Android TV. If you have an android control tablet, as many of us do, simply load that app on the android TV and on your control tablet. Or when you get home, put your android phone on wifi (tasker can do that for you automatically) and have those pop on your screen, The premium version is a mere $2.49.

You can specify which app notifications will appear onscreen. And the cool part is that indeed, your notifications overlay whatever content you may be viewing. Want your text notifications? They can appear. Want your SmartThings notifictions? They can appear too :relaxed:

I wish the font size could be adjusted, but that aside it’s great.

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Does it work with Nest?

This is great and I will look into this.

I currently dont have an Android TV but it does have some apps and the ability to download more but It isnt an Android TV. I will be buying a new TV at some point this year and once I do I will make sure it is an Android enabled TV but is there any other way to acomplish this?

Do people use other means to accomplish this?

If Nest sends notifications to your android phone, then it works with Nest.

Do you happen to know what TV brands support this app? I have been looking online and the only tv company that supports the “Android TV” platform is Sony so I am not sure if you can download the app on any of the others like Samsung, sharp, or LG.

I know it works with Sony. Don’t know about other brands.

Wow didn’t know this existed. It is excellent

Meanwhile (2020), Samsung TVs are able to show notifications/popups (also in Europe). But I’ve only seen SmartThings notifications, and only for my Samsung washer (when cycle is ready). I can’t get any other notifications to work.