Nest and Nest Protect now work with IFTTT

IFTTT announced on Tuesday that they now support Nest and Nest Protect. Heres to hoping SmartThings is next on the list for Protect support!

I created an IFTTT recipe to turn on my siren and turn on a light when my Nest Protect detects smoke.

Finally, I now at least have some interface between Nest and SmartThings.

So here are the triggers. No actions and no motion or luminance :frowning:


I suspect they will never expose the other triggers. Like the First Alert Z-Wave smoke detectors, they probably don’t want to drain the batteries too much. I never liked that Nest would not allow rechargeable batteries. I’m to the point where I personally would not recommend Nest Protect and spell out my reason later.

I wanted to buy the wired version so badly because I want to make my other detectors smart, but the nest wired does not include an interconnect!


If mine were wired, I would have the same need. Unfortunately, the First Alert doesn’t have a wired Z-Wave, where as Nest does. Maybe Nest will add the other alerts to wired only, but I’ve given up the battery one.

There is so much potential here. Maybe they will come out with a new version or someone else. I suspect there may be bureaucratic red tape because of regulatory or legal liability issues restricting timely innovation. I think Google saw the potential here and that’s what motivated them to purchase Nest.

To be clear, they really only work together with the works with nest parters via IFTTT. Anyone who has spent much time playing around with IFTTT quickly realizes how limited it is. That said, we are looking to deepen that relationship. Maybe someday there will be an A(nd) and an O® inside IFTTT.

LOL I tweeted today to @IFTTT begging for an AND function.


The rule builder you are working on is more powerful. I’m just happy to get something since my Nest has been an “island” in search of a bridge since Christmas.

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mmmmmmm #rulebuilder

BTW it would be really cool if discourse supported hashtagging

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I’ve been toying with writing some kind of rules/automation engine since the early 90’s. I still don’t know how to do it in a user-friendly manner. I’m starting to believe that the general public just has to learn algorithmic thinking.

That being said, even some simple calendar-based limits (you know, “only on such and such days of the week” or “between the blah and blah hours”, that kinda thing) would have been a big step forward for IFTTT.

IFTATOTTT? :smile: .

There’s a language is called Ladder: Ladder logic - Wikipedia. Some PLCs have visual rule editors (using web interface) that generate ladder output.

It seems to me that doing rule sets in a plain english IFTTT manner is conceptually grasped by most of the population.

“hey grandma, if the clock turns midnight, do you want me to turn this light off?”

And that’s why they do it that way. But as I said earlier, adding the calendar/time-based constraints on top of it wouldn’t make it any less understandable, but would allow for far more flexibility.

hey grandma, if there’s motion in the garage, do you want me to turn this light on? (between the hours of 9PM and 5AM)

Or something that I’d personally use every day:

when I leave the office, tell my wife that I’m “On my way!” (between 4PM and 12AM, Monday through Friday)

Because time is an important part of our day-to-day workflows.

And that’s why many ST SmartApps have it either in the form of or in addition to Mode-based constraints. Cause, smart guys! :slight_smile:


I purchased a Nest yesterday under the assumption that I would be able to use IFTTT to trigger a wemo insight switch to turn on my window unit if the nest detects a temperature over 72deg. I have created the recipe, but it isn’t working. Does anyone have a setup like this?

hi Brian , new to forum. Am ttying in vain to get iftt to work with nest protect products…do you have any suggestions or information that would make me successful

whats your recipe?

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