Comcast Xfinity X1 Notifcations Via IFTTT

For those of you that have the Xfinity X1 Cable Boxes, Comcast has just enable the ability to send notifications to your TV via integration with IFTTT. Thought you all would find this useful!

Comcast Adds Personal Notifications
to X1 with IFTTT Integration


Not quite working for me yet. I may be missing something. Iftt says my recipe that is supposed give me a popup message when my front door opens has run 8 times. No popups on my x1 boxes yet…

I’m getting a lot of hit or miss with it myself too. Didn’t work at all the first few times I tried it, then all of a sudden it started working, but even then it was spotty.

Yeah - I got home and tried it and I have yet to get a popup on my TV. :frowning: IFTTT says the recipe ran - but nothing on my TV. If I get a chance I may throw something on the Comcast Community Site…

I just started getting notifications. Let’s hope it keeps working…

Yeah It started working for me a couple of days ago… I think they were having issues on the back end. Hasn’t given me any troubles since then

Worked for me. Thanks for letting us know about this.

Well this is a year old thread and all, but I still find mine to be sporadic.

Sometimes the notification shows up, sometimes it’s really, really delayed.

If the TV is off, and a notifications is triggered, will it show up next time you turn on the TV, or will it be gone by then?

Basically if I have a doorbell sensor, and someone rings the door while I’m away and TV is off, when I get home and turn on the TV, will I still see a notification that some one rang the door bell a few hours ago? I hope not.

As far as I can tell these are just flashes. If you miss the toast then they’re gone, and you have no way of going back to see what you missed.

They might be somewhere though, but I haven’t been digging into the X1 thing to know where they might be kept. I have a WU weather notification at 7:45AM and most of the time they don’t show up, even though the activity log says that it sent them.

I’m not sure that this would work well enough with the IFTTT delays to serve your purpose though.