Visitor Notification

So I’m looking for new projects and surfing around YouTube looking for ideas (generic Smart Home search to see what to do next) and I found a CES video from 2015 which has a really cool feature with SmartThings which I didnt know was possible.

They call it “Visitor Notification” on the video, where a small popup box appears on the TV with a live video feed of their door camera (Video here with correct time index: Is this one of these features which they have shown off and never actually released?

If not, what doest it need to get it to work? I have the sensor on my door, camera over the door area and I’m in the market for a new TV if it has cool features like this - anyone any ideas?



p.s. I’m in the UK if thats whats stopping me, I know there are a few posts floating about about the fact here in the UK its illegal to have a popup message on the TV (not sure how), just I’m partially deaf so would love a visual cue to tell me whos at the door.

Haven’t heard of anything like this in the US either…

You can have a light assigned to an outdoor switch as visual doorbell? Showing video on TV seemed non trivial, can potentially overlooked and overkill.