Edge Drivers for Zemismart ZM85EL-1x DIY Roller Shade Motor?

I just purchsed 4 of the Zemismart ZM85EL-1x DIY roller shade motors, but when I connect them to my SmartThings hub, they show as only “Zigbee Thing”. The Zemismart support page only has the old DTH drivers for Groovy (Zemismart Blind Motor.txt - Google Drive) but no Edge drivers.

Does anyone know of any other Edge drivers for Zigbee window treatments that I could use? I tried the “Zigbee Window Treatment” driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo but the fingerprint doesn’t match. Any idea where I can find an Edge driver?

Manufacturer Code: _TZE200_68nvbio9
Model: TS0601
Presentation ID: bc813f60-efa1-3d89-896d-93ef64cf89c8
Device ID: d0100d81-9325-49be-a2c4-bc025589629d

I would ask him to add your model to the driver on the topic for his driver.

Hi @chaosfreak

I think these devices use the EF00 cluster and they don’t work with my driver.

maybe the @iquix driver can work