TUYA Wifi Light Integration?

I successfully changed all my devices from Smart Life to Globe Suite and they all work seamlessly with ST now.

None of mine show up :frowning: support says they are having problems with the integration… :frowning:

Globe Suite pulled the integration yesterday. They say it was only released to the public by accident. They say they hope to have it live again officially “near” or in January. Time will tell…


the integration is now up again please let everyone know

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I’ve come across Tuya/Smart Life and keen to buy a bulb and maybe plug socket. Can I assume from this thread there is a fully functional integration with Smartthings now?

Unfortunately, no. During the original beta release, globe suite allowed you to add devices of many different brands as long as they all worked with the smartlife app. Once the integration went into production, though, they locked it down so now it only works with globe suite brand devices.

On top of that, Tuya just announced this week that they will be ending the IFTTT integration at the end of May. :disappointed_relieved:

Smartlife -> IFTTT integration to end on May 26, 2020

So for the present time, I would assume no integration with smartthings.

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Oh. Sounded too good to be true! So I need to look for Globe Electric smart devices specifically?

Any other recommendations for reasonably priced WiFi or z-wave bulbs that don’t require a hub or bridge?

All zwave or zigbee devices will require at least a SmartThings hub, is that what you were asking? Most won’t require an additional bridge.

One of the most popular inexpensive zigbee bulbs is the tradfri line from IKEA. These work well with smartthings and are available in many countries. They may say they need their own gateway, but they don’t: you would use them with the smartthings hub instead. These do not require custom code.


In the US, The white only dimmable IKEA bulbs will sell for less than $10 each when purchased directly from IKEA, but can cost much more from other retailers. :sunglasses:

Sorry yes I meant I didn’t want to have to buy another hub in addition to my Smartthings one. I didn’t realise the IKEA bulbs can work with the ST hub so I’ll look into those although my house is almost entirely z wave so zigbee not ideal but isn’t a deal breaker.

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The Ikea bulbs are excellent zigbee repeaters so it won’t matter that you don’t have other Zigbee devices, you should still have a strong network as long as they are close enough to each other and one is close enough to the hub. :sunglasses:

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Globe allows all tuya devices to be seen on Google home tho… Why not In St too?

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Just another question on this - I’ve been coming across a lot of mainly Chinese made plugs, bulbs and other smart devices which claim to use the Smart Life platform, this includes Tuya but lots of others as well.

Are we saying these devices cannot be integrated with Smartthings? Just want to know what I should be avoiding and what I can still consider…

Currently, Tuya devices cannot be integrated. I have some Gosund that are no longer of value with Smarthings (I can still control them with Alexa).

cant we do a signed petition to samsung so they integrate the api on samsung smartthings in home assistant it is 4 lines of code cmon people WORK

Oh OK. How do I figure out which of the Chinese brands would integrate with ST and which won’t?

in home assistant every single one of the tuya branded devices work

Sorry what is home assistant?

it is a open source project

As of late 2019 it is now the responsibility of the device manufacturer to create and maintain the integration. This is why you now see so many new brands listed in the new SmartThings app.

(Note that, as with everything else, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“ just because the brand is listed does not mean that all of its different models will work with the integration. That’s true even of the big brands like ring and Arlo. You have to drill down or ask the manufacturer to find out which are included.)

If the brand/model you want isn’t listed there, then you need to search this forum to see if anybody has designed a custom integration for it.

If it’s a Wi-Fi device, you may be able to get a partial integration either with Ifttt or with Amazon Alexa routines. See the FAQ:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?


Thanks. I think your recommendation of the Ikea GU10s is best in terms of price and quality for white light. Struggling to find an RGB GU10 for a reasonable price which integrates with Smartthings, hence my question about Chinese ones because loads come up on ebay but I’m not convinced they will integrate and also how well they actually perform.

For UK folks, I wonder what the most popular choice is?

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