Wrong Temperature reading on st

Hello I have smart tuya thermostats thread room temp the reading on smart life app is correct but on the smart things app read wrong

How to fix?

It almost looks like SmartThings thinks the Tuya temperature is reading in °F and is converting it to °C.

Except that 20F would be negative 6C

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Maybe this is a similar problem as mine, that is there may be a common root cause?

The mini tile reading is obviously in error (the temperatures in the

room and device views are physically correct)

1 Room view
2 Mini-tile view
3 Device view
4 Device view continued


Same issue here. ST is not giving the option to set the scale to F.

Please fix it!

I have the exact same issue for all my Tuya thermostats. Also, the controls (setting temperature) were not working from smart things. I’ve got an error message that this device hasn’t updated all its data.

I’ve linked ST to my Google Home. Then the ST devices got pulled into Google Home where I could set the temperatures. After this, I could set temperatures from smartthings too, even after unlinking from Google Home.

Unfortunately, the set temperatures are not correct. Regardless of the value I set in the valid range in smartthings (0-40 degC), the app sets the thermostat to 35 degC (maximal value which can be set).

Too bad because I was really considering switching to smartthings. This one has by far the nicest UI of all the smarthome apps I’ve tried. It’s really great that it would show the temperature history, etc.

Which driver are you using for the temperature sensors? I ask because I have 10+ Tuya sensors running with Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat MC from @Mariano_Colmenarejo and they are perfectly accurate (checked against a Vaillant Thermostat and mercury thermometer). The child Thermostats are pulled into Alexa and can be run from there very easily.
The history of each can be seen on the tile.

I will second what @Johnnybegoode said. I have at least 7 Tuya temperature sensors. And the accuracy is good. I am also using the “Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat MC” from @Mariano_Colmenarejo which has an adjustment for temperature if needed. I use the child thermostats to control the electric heaters at my cabin.

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Hi @LeastAction42

Tuya thermostats are paired with the stock Zigbee Thermostat driver as generic devices and may function incorrectly or incompletely, without adapting to the real functions of the thermostat.

This may cause that generic profile assigned to apply incorrect temperature ranges, unsupported modes, or use unsupported attributes and capabilities, etc…

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@Johnnybegoode I’m not sure, I just started getting into this scene. I haven’t changed anything about the default settings. I’m willing to change it if I can figure out how:)

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Is it possible to change this? The thermostats were automatically pulled from Smart Life app. Does this change anything?

According to smartthings, device integrations from third-party applications are their responsibility, Tuya and smart Life in this case.

I don’t know what the level of integration is like in this case. Tuya decides what functionality and how the device’s operation is exposed to smartthings.

For example, I have Meross plugs with energy measurement and in the integration of Meross with smartthing the energy measurement does not work, only as a plug

What I was telling you is the expected native operation of the Tuya thermostat when pairing it with the stock edge driver and assigning a generic profile, in a smartthings Hub.

If it is a zigbee thermostat and to check if it would work natively on smartthings, you would have to try uninstalling the Tuya thermostat and pairing it to a smartthings Hub.

If it is a wifi or bluetooth thermostat it will not work natively on smartthings

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got same problem. any solution?