TUYA Smart LIFE and Tapo devices

Hi. New to Smartthings.
I have a few Tuya devices and some Tapo cameras. I have linked both the Tuya smart life app and the Tapo app to smartthings but can’t see them under devices. The Tuya devices are a wifi, ble, zigbee gateway, 2 Bluetooth door locks and a wifi video doorbell.
Do they work with smartthings and why don’t they show up under devices?

The following is some information on integrating Tuya devices with ST. It is a little dated. You can now create virtual switches using Edge Drivers such a “vEdge Creator”.

I just linked my Tapo account and after successfully linking, it showed me the devices that would be available in ST. Were those devices listed?

The video doorbell only lists Alexa and Google assistant, the others, nothing

The devices can’t be set up as switches. One is a video doorbell and the other 2 are Bluetooth door locks through a wifi gateway

Does the motion sensor in the video doorbell show up in Alexa? If it does there is a workaround to get it back to ST.

I think that both TP-Link Tapo devices and Tuya devices have a cloud to cloud integration with ST enabled through Linked Services account linking. If the 3rd party integration exposes those devices to ST, they should be manageable. For example, my Tapo Matter mini-switch can’t be added to my ST hub, but it is exposed through the account linking allowing me to manage it in ST including in Routines.

This is from the Alexa app

In an Alexa routine can you use the “doorbell press” as a trigger?

If you can you could write Alexa Routines to turn a ST virtual device on and off. That could be used in ST routines to do things like turning lights on an off. Or you could do that directly in Alexa if desired.

At this point I don’t have any lights / switches yet.
I use the app to bring up the camera to see what is happening in the front yard.

I also use the Tapo app to see the Tapo cameras.

I have integrated the Tapo into home assistant but can’t integrate the Tuya devices yet, so I was hoping to use smartthings to combine the two systems.

TAPO C100 now appears in SMARTTHINGS but stops your camera from working …search TAPO C100