Local Tuya WiFi Device Integrations?

There is a way to make a integrations with tuya wifi devices? Local tuya for smartthings?

There is a cloud to cloud integration between SmartThings and Tuya/SmartLife. None of this works locally, it is all Internet dependent.

To add Tuya WiFi devices to ST go add device (+), partner, SmartLife and follow the prompts. Unfortunately many devices are not supported by this integration.

There is a workaround to get plugs, bulbs, switches and relays partly integrated. See the following link for details.


Nothing at present unless you flash the firmware with Tasmota software. Then there is an edge driver that will work with them. But then they will no longer work with the smartlife or Tuya app, if that matters to you. And it doesn’t work with all devices or all features. But here’s the edge Driver thread if you want to ask any further questions about that option.

[ST Edge] •• Tasmota Edge •• for Sonoff, Tuya & many other ESP WiFi & HTTP devices - over 2000 Tasmota supported devices

Alternatively, you can wait and see which, if any Tuya WiFi devices get updated to use matter. Matter over WiFi should allow for local connections, but again, not necessarily all devices or all features that you would have in the cloud to cloud integration.