Tuya (smart)app integration

When adding a device with brand Tuya only smartapps appear and not devices itself.
The Home Remote app is capable to import both, why is this feature not present in ST app ?

In ST app it’s not possible to hide smartapps from Tuya. I now have placed them in a room called hidden.
It would be nice if a feature would provide an option to hide a ‘device’ from screen.

You are asking the wrong people The makers of the Tuya integration is responsible for this, not smartthings. You need to go back to the maker of the Tuya app you use (there are many) and ask them. Even easier, ditch Tuya and pick something else (like Meross),

I don’t think you’re right. I have many doubts about this connection. When I use either postman or the app TheHomeRemote, I only have to login with my Tuya credentials and I can manage my devices and scenes.
In case of TheHomeRemote I can connect with both Tuya and Smart Life with different accounts and manage my devices.
When I try to connect to Tuya or Smartlife devices thru SmartThings then I always connect with the same account which is wrong. Even with SmartThings you should be able to connect to different services with different accounts. And that’s not what it is.
SmartThings has also changed something with Harmony connection with result that activities no more show up.
Hope for a ST solution.

It is up to the device manufacturer which devices and features they include in their integration. Smartthings has published its API, so it is available for any partner to use. So at this point as @KenW48360 mentioned, you should get in touch with the company that makes your device and ask them to improve the smartthings integration.

Meanwhile, what most people have done, as you will see if you check the forum for this issue, is to create “tap to run“ scenes in the Tuya app. Most of these will show up in the smartthings app. It’s only a partial integration, but it can be useful. Here are the instructions for that method. However, you will now create the virtual switches differently than in the old architecture, you won’t be using the IDE anymore. If you need information on that, let us know.

FAQ: How does TuyaSmart Integration work? (Groovy virtual switch version)

In the future, once Tuya has released its Matter bridge, we may get much simpler, better integration through matter. But that’s not here yet.

When I try with TheHomeRemote software both API’s are used for integration with Tuya for Tuya app scenes and devices.

It woukld be nice if the Tuya integration contains both endpoint for scenes and devices.

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