Turning on an outlet at a certain time of day (based on temp)

I am looking to turn an outlet on at say 5:00 am if the current temp is below X degrees.

Would also be nice to only run this when I’m home AND M-F. I had this running pretty well with Tasker and a couple plugins but it recently hasn’t been triggering automatically.

I have a shed I converted to an office. Sheetrock, windows, etc. I have a space heater in there on a smarthings outlet and it’s damn cold out so some additional automation would be useful.

Absolutely 100% doable with webCoRE.

it’s a great rules engine that allows you to do all sorts of stuff based on the conditions that you choose. I’ve pretty much ditched all my ST routines in favor of this now. Heck, I don’t even use IFTTT anymore either.

Agree this could be done easily with WebCoRE.

Just consider the fact that people have reported all kinds of phantom events with SmartThings. Meaning that it’s possible anything connected to a smart outlet could randomly turn itself on. Not especially likely, but space heaters are potentially dangerous.

Just as an example, here’s a piston that I made which reminds me to preheat my car if it’s cold in the garage… It only runs M-F, but never when I’m on Holiday and only when I’m home. So if all those conditions are true then it executes, otherwise it just exits.