Time AND temperature trigger for a smartplug (Car engine block heater)?

I’m looking for a smartapp that will allow me to trigger a plug for my engine block heater (cold climate people know what I’m talking about).

One possible scenario, I want a smartplug to turn on at 6AM and off at 9AM but ONLY if the outside temperature is below 15F. I don’t want to use modes for this application other than disabling the routine/smartapp if I’ve set the house to ‘vacation’.

Does anyone know of a smartapp that does this or can be easily modified to do this?

Core can definitely do it.

Well, this is way late (as in 3 years late!), but I came across this thread when I was looking for the same functionality. I don’t like using 1-size-fits-all type of apps such as CoRE because I feel they’re often too complicated to set-up and use too many resources to perform simple tasks. I may very well be wrong with this statement, but I use it as my excuse to challenge myself and see if I can write my own custom apps tailored specifically to my needs.

So that being said, when I was looking for a simple app that I could essentially use as a fancy timer for my car’s block heater and didn’t find one, I decided to write my own. I realize I’m 3 years late and you probably found a solution that works for you by now, but I figured I’d share it anyways in case anyone else comes looking here for a solution other than CoRE.

My Block Heater app is available on my GitHub. I recommend that you add my GitHub (astrowings/SmartThings) to your list of repos in the SmartThings IDE rather than just copying the code so that you may sync the app as I update it. Feel free to give it a go and let me know what you think. I’m very receptive to suggestions for improvements and would also consider requests to tweak it some of its functionality for specific needs.

Three years is indeed a long time and many things have changed. In particular, I believe this condition combination is now available in the official features. :sunglasses:

If by ‘official feature’ you’re talking about creating a routine, only thing it (talking about the classic app here, haven’t moved to the new one yet and don’t know what it can or cannot do) will let you do is set-up an outlet to turn on and off at specific times, and even then you’ll need to use 2 separate routines to do that. While you can restrict it to certain modes, you can’t make it conditional on temperature.

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